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Gold duck


All Ducks Go to Heaven

Vegas Baby downtown

Vegas Baby: “I’m a little lonely on this Vegas trip. The rest of the flock decided to stay in NYC this time around. How can they not love the smell of clean desert air, the neon lights, or the ‘ding, ding, ding’ of all the casino machines? It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

Angel and Vegas Baby


Angel: “Hello there, Vegas Baby.”

Vegas Baby: “Uh Oh….Did I REALLY die and go to heaven???!!!”

Angel: “Haha. No.  All ducks go to heaven, but sometimes they go to Sin City first.”



What Happens in Vegas….

Ducks Fizz Casino

Where is Ducks Fizz going in such a hurry with a bottle of champagne and that suspicious look on her face?

Ducks Fizz: “Hey-what quacks in Vegas stays in Vegas ;)

The Pope in Vegas

What’s the Pope been up to, you ask?

pope duck vegas

The Pope’s been busy in Vegas…….

pope in vegas

….helping out the sinners…..

enter the pope

…..and the strippers….

Popo and the Pope

….and hanging out with the locals. Yes, the Pope has been very naughty…I mean busy in Sin City ;)








Hail Caesar!

Caesars Palace duck

Roman: “To the Casino!”

Caesars ducks

Roman Girl: “I fancy a swim in that fountain.”

Roman: “Watch out for the horse!”

Roman Ducks

Roman Girl: “Whew! That was close!”

Roman: “To the Caesars buffet!”

Diva Las Vegas!

Diva Duck hits the town! Check out her adventures….

Diva Eiffel Tower

Diva Duck: “The Eiffel Tower! So romantic!”

Diva Duck Star

Diva: “Walk of fame in Vegas? Why not? Especially if Frank Sinatra is in it!”

D Casino

Diva: “Won’t you have a peek behind me! A casino named after yours truly….Diva Duck! Diva Las Vegas!”

Poker Face

Casino Duck

Poker Duck: “Mum mum mum mah!”


Excalibur Duck

Jester Duck: “Aces wild!”

Parisian in Vegas

Paris duck

Jean-Canard: “VIVE Las Vegas!”

Cowduck in Vegas

What’s a little ol’ cowduck to do in Vegas? Well have a look for yourself! Get along, little duckie!

Vegas cowduck

Wild Bill: “Looks like my kinda town, yup.”

Wild Bill Vegas

Wild Bill: “Pioneer Club. That’s where I’ll park my chuck wagon, yup.”

Gold Rush Duck

Wild Bill: “They say there’s gold in them casinos, yup.”

Binion duck

Wild Bill: “Maybe I’ll try my luck at this gambling hall.”

Wild Bill Vegas

Wild Bill: “Giddy up, Las Vegas! Supper time! I hope they have biscuits and gravy at the buffet.”