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Street Duck is at it again….this time in Seattle

“Fits in very nicely. Good thing I am quick like a ninja. Quack!”

Street Duck makes sure the coast is clear after leaving his mark.

Street Duck: “This looks like a nice place for a stick up.”


Scenes from Seattle


Duck Satriani rocks the EMP.

Can’t visit Seattle without a coffee buzz ;)

Vegas Baby gets her gambling fix at a casino just outside Seattle.

Vegas Baby: “Big money! I’m feeling hot today!”

Ride the Ducks of Seattle

Seattle is one of a few cities that has a sightseeing tour called Ride the Ducks. This vehicle gives tours of the city on land and water! They give passengers noise makers that they call Wacky Quackers that look like beaks and make quacking sounds. “Free with every ride, the Wacky Quacker™ will grab locals’ attention and get the Duck rocking as you roll through the city streets.” It’s hilarious to see this coming down the street. I didn’t get a chance to ride it, but I went into the gift shop (which was full of rubber ducks)and took home many souveneirs.

The Ducks Prepare to go to Seattle for Duckfest

Only a few more days untill Seattle and Duckfest! Cheese, HiYa, Tips, and Smiley Ducks will be some of the flock who will be heading west to take Seattle by storm. Vegas Baby will also join them….a last minute addition after finding out that there are casinos to be seen between the hotel and the actual location of Duckfest (just outside Seattle). Duck Satriani will be going to see the Experience Music Project Museum. They will be quacking all over Seattle. Stay tuned for pictures.

Of course, the most exciting part of the trip is the day of Duckfest. The traveling flock will be excited to search out new members for the flock at Duckfest. Stay tuned for pictures of all the rubber duckiness and quackery of Duckfest 2008!