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Duck Duck Bar

So, one day my friend sends me a link to this place called Duck Duck Bar in Brooklyn. I thought it sounded too good to be true…..a bar with a duck theme. Alas, it was true! How could I not love this place! You can check out Duck Duck Bar here !

Even Cheese was mesmorized by Duck Duck Bar.
Cheese Duck: “Look at all the Duck Specials! Hmmm…decisions…I’ll just have a shot of Duck-quilla please!”

Quacky Fourth of July

Let Freedom Ring!

Ring Freedom Let!

A quick joke: Why did the duck say “Bang!”
Because he was a firequacker!

Let the countdown begin!

Let the countdown begin! One month until Duckfest, AKA the annual rubber duck collector’s convetion! Read more about it on Duckplanet.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaa!”

Who is this villainous fowl that comes to Gotham City to create chaos and cause mischief? Stay tuned……..

Saturday in the Park

Hattie (the duck on the right): “Someone needs to mow the grass out here. A duck could get lost in this high grass!”

Duck Adventures the City

With such a nice day, the ducks go down to Soho for some summer fun.
Shopping Duck: “What recession? Put it on my American Duckspress.”

Street Duck: “This looks like a good place for a stick up. Tagged!”

Jazzy Duck: “I’m jazzed about this big cone of soft serve ice cream! It pleases my sweet beak!”
Hattie: “I love me some street snacks! Nothing beats NYC street pretzels! A bird’s gotta get her bread fix!”

A Day in Central Park

What would summer be without a trip to Central Park. Sometimes you just gotta get out of the city…..well, sort of….But first, a quick stop for some Mister Softee ice cream.
GoGo: “Hey! Mister Softee is back after the long winter! You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

Once inside the park, the ducks visit the duck pond. Unfortunately most of the ducks that hang around the pond were napping in the shade. D. Lure decides to catch a fish…… D. Lure: “They say you can catch a chicken of the sea around here. I can’t wait to sink my beak into one of those fresh sea chickens! I’ve been eating that canned stuff all winter long.”…..We are not at the “sea”…..but I won’t tell D. Lure that.

Duckathon: “It’s a nice day for a run in the park.”

Cheese: “Hey Duckathon! Wait up! Like my new workout gear?!……Ok…whew! I think I’ve had enough….I’m thinking some of that Mr. Softee ice cream would be quite tasty right now. What do you say?”
Duckathon: “You’ve only been running for 5 minutes!”

Summer is finally back!

After a long, harsh winter the flock steps out for a breath of fresh… air.
Cheese: “Ah, the subway wind beneath my wings again.”

Ducks: “To FAO Schwartz!”
Manhattan Baby Doll (AKA Hattie for short) chats up some of the locals: “Why did the duck cross the road?….To prove he wasn’t chicken!”
Sitting Duck: “Why do I feel like I’m being followed?”
Cheese plays Hide and Seek.
HiYa Duck: “For the last time…I will not pull your finger!”

The flock had quite an adventure at FAO Schwartz! You can see more of their adventures on flickr.

57 More Days Until Duckfest!

Duckfest 2009 is the only annual meeting for rubber duck collectors 18 and over and it is taking place on July 25, 2009 in New York City.

Cheese Duck stands next to the official Duckfest invite.

Cheese Duck: “Happiness is…..Duckfest!”

“Kiss me I’m Irish!”

….”Well, I’m not really Irish…but I like cabbage and potatoes!”