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More Quackiness in Vegas

Here are a few more duckish scenes from Vegas:

Mrs Geezer: “Where are the slot machines!?”

Mr Geezer: “Where’s the buffet!?”

Paparazzi Duck hides out in the bushes….just waiting for a celebriduck to pass by so he can get a money shot.

Hail Caesar (Duck)!

A run in with the Bronx Zoo Cobra on the Vegas strip!? That snake really gets around ;)

Paris and Venice…Vegas Style

Little Caesar: “Time to go for a swim in the canal….after I eat-a-my-a-spaghetti!”

Little Caesar: “Or maybe I can get a ride from the gondolier. Hey Gondolier, can you give an anatra di gomma a ride?!”

Claude Canard: “Voila!”

Claude Canard: “Où est la fontaine pour un canard?” Translation: “Is this a duck fountain?”

Stay tuned for even more adventures in Vegas!

Rhinestone Cowduck

Wild Bill: “Is this a mirage or something?”

Wild Bill: “Wonder if I can valet my horse?”

Wild Bill: “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.”

And with that, Wild Bill rode off into the moonlight with a pocket full of winnings. After all, they don’t call him Wild Bill for nothing!

Pilgrimage to Vegas

Nun Duck: “I sure do have my work cut out for me here in sin city!”

She’s come to save some fellow rubber ducks from all the temptations of Vegas! Contrary to popular belief, rubber ducks don’t all have squeaky clean reputations. Just see for yourself what goes on……

Poker Duck: “Jackpot again! Yeah! I’m hot tonight!”

Devil Duckie: “I’m rich! I’m rich! Back to the poker table!”

King of Hearts Duck: “Another crazy night! What are the odds!”

Nun Duck: “So much to do… little time!”

In the Flamingo Garden

Birds of a feather flock together…even in Vegas. Here are some adventures of the ducks in the Flamingo garden in Vegas…..

Paparazzi Duck scopes out his next photo subjects. The Flamingos are known to bite, so Pap Duck has to be very elusive and quick to photograph these fanciful fowls.

Duckie Love: “There must be something wrong with my eyes, because I can’t take them off those Flamingos.”

HiYa Duck: “Look at the legs on that one!”

HiYa Duck spies a Black Neck Swan below.

HiYa Duck: “I must go down there and meet this beautiful bird.”

HiYa: “Hello swan. I see you peeking and yet you are not a Peking.”

The swan gives HiYa Duck a kiss.

HiYa: *blushes* “I am smitten!”

Stay tuned for even more duck adventures in Vegas!

‘Vegas Baby’ Returns to Vegas

Just in case you don’t follow Duckshow too often, I should explain a rubber duck character named “Vegas Baby.” Here is the basic story behind this duck…A few years ago hundreds of these small ducks with red neckties were mailed to people on every corner of the globe. Recipients of the ducks were to photograph their duck in their location in a unique and interesting way. Then the photos were to be posted on a flickr (a photo sharing site) group called “The Duck Project.” The goal of this project was to get a duck to someone in every city of every country on the globe.

I was one of the participants in this project. When I got the duck (I was living in Las Vegas at the time) I gave this duck (who was labeled duck #490) a name. Being that it was a very small duck representing Vegas, I named her “Vegas Baby.” I took photos of the duck all over Vegas when I lived there.  And now, every time I go back to visit, I take this little duck for some Vegas adventures….

Vegas Baby: “This is no mirage! I am in Vegas once again! Smelling the sweet desert air! Ahhhh, quack!”

Vegas Baby: “The Vegas strip! Let’s get this party started..rubber duckie style! Woot Woot, quack!”

Vegas Baby: “$3 Coors light cans! Sweet! But first I need to hit up the buffet!”

Little Caesar: “Hey Vegas Baby!”

Vegas Baby: “Hey! Do you suppose you I could get a gondola ride to casino. I just filled up at the buffet and I’m feeling a little too heavy to float down there.”

Little Caesar: “Sure. Just let me finish eating this spaghetti.”

Vegas Baby: *singing* “Luck be a lady tonight!”

You might be wondering…what happened to the “Duck Project?” It sort of fizzled out….but some of Vegas Baby’s brothers and sisters are still out there. I actually met up with another one of the participants from France. You can read more about that here.  And to see even more of Vegas Baby’s adventures click here.

Cheese Duck’s Vegas Adventures

Wowee! What a fabulously Vegas week in sin city! What’s a rubber duck to do whilst in Vegas? Well, how about we find out!

Cheese Duck: “Look at me! I’m about to be a lucky ducky here in sin city!”

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Cheese Duck: “Cha-ching! Big money! Mama needs a new bathtub!”

Cheese: “Taking my winnings to Pink Taco for some tacos and tequila! Arrrrriba!”

Diva Duck: “There you are, Cheese! What happened to you? You look deflated!”

Vegas Baby: “Looks like Cheese had too much tequila.”

Cheese Duck: “Aye Yi Yi!”

…and the Vegas high jinks continue in sin city! Is that Cheese Duck under arrest?

Cheese Duck: “Hey-what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas….right?”

What other Vegas shenanigans happen in Vegas? Stay tuned to find out!

Viva Las Vegas!

It’s that time again! Time to migrate to warmer climates for a little rest and re-quacks-ation. That’s right! Duckshow is taking it to Las Vegas for some duck-tabulous adventures! Not all that happens in Vegas stays there! Stay tuned to find out what high jinks I get into with a flock of rubber ducks and a camera! Viva Las Vegas!

Duck Me Amadeus!

When I first saw this little Mozart duck I knew I had to have it! It was such a cute little fellow with such perfectly coiffed Mozart style locks. I first saw the duck on facebook, then I bought the duck on Duckshop.  The creator of the duck-Astroducks-is the first provider of rubber ducks with an Austria theme. To see more pictures and read more on the story of how Austroducks and the Mozart duck was created click here to see the Austroducks website. Apparently this little Mozart fellow is a well travelled duck. I figured I’d capture him waddling around here in NYC:

Radio City Music Hall Mozart:

David Letterman’s Late Show:

Mozart on Broadway:

Ducktown Tavern. An Atlantic City Must!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh, wait a minute…it is a bird…and that bird is Zorro Duck! And when he and any of the other members of the flock are passing through Atlantic City they are sure to make a pit stop at Ducktown Tavern.

Ducktown Tavern which opened in 1995 gets it’s name  from the Ducktown area of Atlantic City (stretching from Missouri Avenue to Texas Avenue). How did this area of Atlantic City get the name Ducktown? Glad you asked. Italian immigrants heavily settled Ducktown in the early 1900s and named it for the duck houses they built along the bayfront, where they raised poultry and waterfowl.  It is now mostly an Italian American community.

Zorro Duck: “Fighting crime makes me hungry and thirsty. I must stop at Ducktown Tavern!”

Snucki loves to hang out there, too.

Snucki: “I’m always down for drinks at Ducktown Tavern! Where else is a little gui-duck gonna go?!”

There is even a Ducktown Tavern firetruck!

Cheese Duck: “I wanna take a ride on that Ducktruck!”

Another shot of the ducktruck.

Cheese Duck: “The ducktruck puts a smile on my beak.”

Cheese Duck: “Watch out where you put out that cigar, duck. You don’t want to start any fires. Good thing there’s a fire ducktruck here at Ducktown Tavern. Seems this guy likes to smoke a lot of cigars. Heeheehee. Well, off to join the rest of the flock at Ducktown Tavern. Until next time! Chow!”