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Jersey Shore Shenanigans

What would a trip to Atlantic City be without hitting the beach on such a nice day? Some of the flock find themselves on Jersey shore….

Surfer: “The beach! Gotta catch a Jersey wave!”

Patch: “Yarrrr! Gotta find me treasure!”

Snucki (Snooki+duckie): “Gotta work on my tan. Those seagulls can’t handle my style! ”

Patch: “Yarrrr! I found me treasure on the boardwalk!”

Already back to the boardwalk? What’s next? Stay tuned to find out!

The Ducks Hit The Boardwalk

After all that late night gambling, the ducks decided to go for a little stroll on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Here are a few highlights from their adventures….

Jersey Duck #1: “Wow! What a nice day for a stroll on the birdwalk!”

Jersey Duck #2: “Don’t you mean….boardwalk?”

Jersey Duck #1: “Potato Potah-to.”

HiYa: “If those brassy birds try to eat my food I will serve them hot wing special….HiYa style! No one messes with the master’s food!”

Cheese Duck: “Candy apples and cotton candy! I love boardwalk treats! This puts a smile on my beak!”

Roman Duck: “Would you like-a some of my-a spaghetti-a?”

Pisa Duck: “Sure, let-a me just-a set down-a this Tower of Pisa.”

Stay tuned for even more Atlantic City adventures!

The Ducks Flock to Atlantic City!

Where did the ducks go on their holiday weekend? To Atlantic City! Here are a few highlights from inside the casinos…..

Vegas Baby: “It may not be Vegas, but I still feel like a star in the casino! I just love the smell of fresh casino air! Ahhhhh, quack!”

Tarty Ann: “Come on, K.G. Bird! Mama needs another vacation!”

Mardi Gras Duck: “Let the good times roll at Showboat Casino!”

Tarty Ann (at the gambling table): “Double down!”

Jersey-licious Duck: “Not for nothing, but it’s a good thing I got a good poker face.”

Vegas Baby: “Can you see me? Watch your step! I’ve been camouflaged by the casino carpet!”

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City adventures! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Boardwalk Empire

Where did the ducks go this holiday weekend? Here is a little hint in a parody inspired by Boardwalk Empire staring Enoch “Ducky” Thompson….

Enoch “Ducky” Thompson: “First rule of politics, kiddo: never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Ducky Thompson: “We all have to decide for ourselves how much sin we can live with.”

Ducky Thompson: “Now…off to Babette’s Supper Club and then to the Ritz…”

More Ducks, More Ducks, More Ducks in Vegas

The fun seems to be never ending in Vegas. The flock really got round Vegas….of course it was an old stomping (or waddling) ground for some of them. Here are some of the last scenes in Vegas….until next time! Viva Las Vegas!

Diva Duck: “Fabulous, darrrrrrrrrling!”

Paparazzi Duck is back at it. This time he is in search of some exotic casino birds.

And back at the hotel room……

Duckie Love: “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I waddle by again?”

Cheese Duck (in a tub full of flower petals): “This is the life!!…for a rubber duck.”

More Quackiness in Vegas

Here are a few more duckish scenes from Vegas:

Mrs Geezer: “Where are the slot machines!?”

Mr Geezer: “Where’s the buffet!?”

Paparazzi Duck hides out in the bushes….just waiting for a celebriduck to pass by so he can get a money shot.

Hail Caesar (Duck)!

A run in with the Bronx Zoo Cobra on the Vegas strip!? That snake really gets around ;)

Paris and Venice…Vegas Style

Little Caesar: “Time to go for a swim in the canal….after I eat-a-my-a-spaghetti!”

Little Caesar: “Or maybe I can get a ride from the gondolier. Hey Gondolier, can you give an anatra di gomma a ride?!”

Claude Canard: “Voila!”

Claude Canard: “Où est la fontaine pour un canard?” Translation: “Is this a duck fountain?”

Stay tuned for even more adventures in Vegas!

Rhinestone Cowduck

Wild Bill: “Is this a mirage or something?”

Wild Bill: “Wonder if I can valet my horse?”

Wild Bill: “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.”

And with that, Wild Bill rode off into the moonlight with a pocket full of winnings. After all, they don’t call him Wild Bill for nothing!

Pilgrimage to Vegas

Nun Duck: “I sure do have my work cut out for me here in sin city!”

She’s come to save some fellow rubber ducks from all the temptations of Vegas! Contrary to popular belief, rubber ducks don’t all have squeaky clean reputations. Just see for yourself what goes on……

Poker Duck: “Jackpot again! Yeah! I’m hot tonight!”

Devil Duckie: “I’m rich! I’m rich! Back to the poker table!”

King of Hearts Duck: “Another crazy night! What are the odds!”

Nun Duck: “So much to do… little time!”

In the Flamingo Garden

Birds of a feather flock together…even in Vegas. Here are some adventures of the ducks in the Flamingo garden in Vegas…..

Paparazzi Duck scopes out his next photo subjects. The Flamingos are known to bite, so Pap Duck has to be very elusive and quick to photograph these fanciful fowls.

Duckie Love: “There must be something wrong with my eyes, because I can’t take them off those Flamingos.”

HiYa Duck: “Look at the legs on that one!”

HiYa Duck spies a Black Neck Swan below.

HiYa Duck: “I must go down there and meet this beautiful bird.”

HiYa: “Hello swan. I see you peeking and yet you are not a Peking.”

The swan gives HiYa Duck a kiss.

HiYa: *blushes* “I am smitten!”

Stay tuned for even more duck adventures in Vegas!