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Elvis Slept There

Elvis duck

Elvis Duck: “Thank you, thank you very much.”

Darling Does Vegas

Paris casino

Darling Duck: “The Eiffel Tower! Ooh La La!”

Plaza Darling

Darling Duck: “I’ll be living the life of leisure here at the Plaza if you need to find me. Ta ta for now!”

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

M.C. Quacker: “Pawning is easy fosheezy. I’m gonna get some cold hard cash for this gold necklace and then maybe go play some ‘quackjack.’ I’m hoping to get a couple of ‘bills’ for it.”

Pawn Star rubber duck

M.C. Quacker: “Stone cold!”

The Golden Nugget(s)

Golden Nugget Duck

All that glitters is gold!

Four…or….Five Queens!

Queen duck

The Queen is enjoying some royal treatment in Las Vegas.

The Desert Wind Beneath My Wings

Vegas Baby Paris Casino

The little duck above was one of my first rubber ducks. I lived in Vegas at the time so I named her “Vegas Baby” since she appeared in many of my first rubber duck photos. Duckshow was born in Vegas as well, so every time I go back to Vegas I take this little gem of a duck with me. She is very photogenic, don’t ya think?? ;)

So I thought….since it’s been 30 degrees in NYC all month long and not much fun for rubber ducks (or anyone else for that matter)….I’m gonna make the rest of March and April all about Duckshow’s recent adventures in Vegas! Viva Duck Vegas!

Vegas Baby: “Ooh La La! J’adore Las Vegas!”

Viva Duck Vegas!

Just Ducky and Cheese

It’s been so cold out here in NYC that the Duckshow ducks decided to fly south for a little fun in the sun…..and what better place than Las Vegas! Of course there had to be a reunion with Just Ducky who is a native Las Vegas duck and who you will find waddling all over sin city! They even found a couple of new friends at the Toy Shack!


Ducktown Tavern….at Night

We’ve seen Ducktown Tavern during the day. Everytime I go back to Atlantic City, I like to go by and snap some pictures. This time I decided to go at night to get a couple of shots….er photos….of the inside of the place.

Duck crossing sign! Of course! It seems Ducktown has a pretty good softball team as well… they have a championship trophy, too! Go ducks!

James Pond: “I’ll have a martini…..and put it on my bill.”

Duckie Fizz: “Excuse me while I pop the cork off this bottle of “Duck Pérignon! Cheers, Ducktown dears!”

The Wild Wild West, New Jersey

What? I thought the west was won in Texas? Not if you are in Alantic City! The fun thing about casinos is that they can virtually transport you to another time or place. And the Wild Wild West Casino in Atlantic City is the perfect setting for these cowducks! Yeehaw!

Lone Ranger: “It’s Tuesday and I’m ready to hang a foul fowl, ya’ll.”

Wild Bill: “This boardwalk ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

Lone Ranger: “Looks like there’s gonna be a showdown then.”

Wild Bill: “Meet me at the saloon at sundown.”

Lone Ranger: “Guess I’ll ride this here chuckwagon down to the saloon.”

Cue the theme to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”……….

Explorer Duck in Venice

It has been a while since Duckshow last spoke of Explorer Duck. She is the traveling duck being hosted in many exciting cities by rubber duck collectors. She has been all over the globe and we here at Duckshow have been following her travels. We were excited to find out that Explorer Duck has recently landed in Venice, Italy! This little duck has spread her wings all over the globe and (like the energizer bunny) just keeps going and going and going! She even hung out with one of the locals (see here)! You can see even more pictures from her adventures in Venice here.

Explorer Duck: “Venice is fantastico and the pizza pie is delizioso! Qua qua!” (That’s ‘quack, quack’ in Italiano ;)

Photos by Jennifer