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Poker Face

Casino Duck

Poker Duck: “Mum mum mum mah!”


Excalibur Duck

Jester Duck: “Aces wild!”

Parisian in Vegas

Paris duck

Jean-Canard: “VIVE Las Vegas!”

Cowduck in Vegas

What’s a little ol’ cowduck to do in Vegas? Well have a look for yourself! Get along, little duckie!

Vegas cowduck

Wild Bill: “Looks like my kinda town, yup.”

Wild Bill Vegas

Wild Bill: “Pioneer Club. That’s where I’ll park my chuck wagon, yup.”

Gold Rush Duck

Wild Bill: “They say there’s gold in them casinos, yup.”

Binion duck

Wild Bill: “Maybe I’ll try my luck at this gambling hall.”

Wild Bill Vegas

Wild Bill: “Giddy up, Las Vegas! Supper time! I hope they have biscuits and gravy at the buffet.”



Sigmund in Sin City

SIgmund Freud

Sigmund F: “I see I have my work cut out for me here.”

Elvis Slept There

Elvis duck

Elvis Duck: “Thank you, thank you very much.”

Darling Does Vegas

Paris casino

Darling Duck: “The Eiffel Tower! Ooh La La!”

Plaza Darling

Darling Duck: “I’ll be living the life of leisure here at the Plaza if you need to find me. Ta ta for now!”

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

M.C. Quacker: “Pawning is easy fosheezy. I’m gonna get some cold hard cash for this gold necklace and then maybe go play some ‘quackjack.’ I’m hoping to get a couple of ‘bills’ for it.”

Pawn Star rubber duck

M.C. Quacker: “Stone cold!”

The Golden Nugget(s)

Golden Nugget Duck

All that glitters is gold!

Four…or….Five Queens!

Queen duck

The Queen is enjoying some royal treatment in Las Vegas.