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Flying the Friendly Skies

The Ducks go to Central Park

After a long winter the weather suddenly got nice out, so the ducks decided to waddle through Central Park today.

“What a nice day to buzz around the park.”

“Ahh, a nice shady place out of the sun.”

Carnie ducks go to the Amsterdam Ave street festival in NYC

“What’s a two headed duck gotta do to get a funnel cake around here?”

“A street fair wouldn’t be complete without some sort of deep fried cookie/snack cake/candy bar.”

Quack Remedy? “Step right up to Dr. Pickle! We’ve got the cure for you!”

“Heehee! I am a quack up at the street festival with all my clowning around.”

Duck Soup for the Soul

I have been listening to this song called “All the Same” that makes me smile and inspired this picture:

National Tartan Day

This weekend the ducks went out to celebrate National Tartan Day. The first thing they did was head over to the Haggis cart for a snack before the parade.

It was such a nice day that Scotty decided to go for a swim in a fountain along the way. ” Scuze me while I take a quick dip-it has been a long winter.”

Before the parade Seumas warms up with some other pipers.

And Scotty gets a picture with a fellow Scotsman.


Let It Snow

“A friendly game of street hockey, anyone?”


The Annual Westminster Dog Show is this week at Madison Square Garden. Is there an occasion that I don’t have a duck for? I doubt it.

Rubber Duckie 911

“Yeah, I’ve been working this beat for about a year now….

“Do I write many tickets? We don’t have quotas anymore. We used to have quotas, but now we’re allowed to write as many tickets as we want. I think I’ll grab a quick snack here.”

“Sometimes people want a warning. I say, OK I’m warning you not to do that again or I’ll give you another ticket.”

“You definitely have to have pretty thick skin, or else these people will walk all over you.”

“Sometimes upholding the law is messy, but you get by…one day at a time….”

Zorro Duck…The Red Caped Criminal

“Well, hello there Zorro Duck. How are you doing, sonny?”

“Give me all your money!”

“Hello there, Zorro Duck. Loving the new red cape and hat.”

“Gimme your purse!”

“Help me, somebody help me! I was just robbed by Zorro Duck!”

Zorro Duck was causing havoc all over Gotham City. Was something wrong with Zorro Duck? Had he lost his mind? Had he had gone from helping people to robbing them?

Of course not! This red caped criminal was not really Zorro Duck. He was merely posing as Zorro Duck so that he wouldn’t get caught committing his evil deeds. However, he did not consider that Zorro Duck himself would come looking for him sooner than later.

“Did you really think you could pose as me and not get caught?”
“Of course, you are no match for me, Zorro Duck.”

“We’ll see about that!”

So they duck it out mano-a-mano.
“Looks like you are out of luck, duck!”
“Well, looks like you’ve done it again, Zorro Duck. I’ll take it from here.”

“Zorro Duck, you are my hero!” Smooooch.
“All in a day’s work, madame.”

Who is this masked duck?

Did Zorro Duck change his disguise? Stay tuned to find out on the next Zorro Duck in the City…….coming soon!