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Get Along, Little Duckie

“Gotta get home before sundown. Yup.”

See the rest of the duck’s adventures in Dallas, Texas here.

Lone Star Street Cheese

“Hi this is Cheese from the Duckshow. Today we are going to be talking to duckies in the Lone Star State! Yeehaw!”

Cheese: “Here comes a couple of Cowducks. Hello there. Can I ask you a couple of questions about your Lone Star State?”

Buck Duck:”Howdy. You sure can.”
Joe Bob:”Yup.”

Cheese:”Is it always this hot out here?”

Buck Duck:”Sometimes it gets so hot out here the hens are layin’ boiled eggs.”
Joe Bob:”Yup.”

Cheese:”What’s a day like in the day of a cowduck?”

Buck Duck:”There’s a lot that goes on out there on the range. Why don’t ya come on over for supper and I’ll tell ya. I can cook biscuits and gravy like nobody’s business. I live just over yonder.”
Joe Bob:”Yup.”

Cheese:”Sounds good!”

Buck Duck:”Just head on over when you’re done.”

Cheese: “Hello there, I’m Cheese, and you are..”

Debbie Sue:”I’m Debbie Sue, but you can call me Deb.”

Cheese:”Okay, Deb. How would you describe what you are wearing?”

Debbie Sue:”This outfit? I’d call it Texas chic. I got it at Western Warehouse. I’m fixin’ to go out for some Tex-mex. Wanna come along?”

Cheese:”I’ll have to take a rain check. I’ve been invited to eat with the cowducks.”

Debbie Sue:”Careful, Buck Duck will talk your ear off. Hehe.”

Cheese:”Oh, look who showed up. The Lone Quacker!”

Lone Quacker:”Well, howdy!”

Cheese:”Caught any criminals today?”

Lone Quacker:”Nah, just spotted one feller trying to tag a tree. I let him go with a warning.”

Cheese:”Oh yeah?”

Lone Quacker:”He was trying to put a sticker on a tree. I believe it said ‘Duckshow’ on it.”

Cheese:”Oh (gets a little nervous). Well, I’ve got to go now. This has been Cheese with…uh…(whispers) Duckshow. I’ll see ya’ll later.”

Lone Quacker:”I’m not hard-a-hearing, ya know.”

The Digiducks are off to the Lone Star State

What wacky adventures will they find themselves in? Stay tuned to find out!
“Yeeeehaw! We’ll see ya’ll soon!”

Celebrating the NYC Marathon

“Run, Duckathon, run!”

Street Duck is at it again….this time in Seattle

“Fits in very nicely. Good thing I am quick like a ninja. Quack!”

Street Duck makes sure the coast is clear after leaving his mark.

Street Duck: “This looks like a nice place for a stick up.”


Top Ten Reasons To Collect Rubber Ducks

10. They are cheaper than other collectables…like jewelry, art, cars, china, and shoes.
9. They don’t break.
8. They make bathtime so much fun.
7. They are not creepy like dolls.
6. They are low maintenance. They only need a little dusting off now and then.
5. They aren’t as obnoxious as snow globes.
4. They promote happiness. No one gets pissed off and throws a duck. Doesn’t happen.
3. What are the odds of a burglar breaking into your house and taking your stash of rubber ducks? (Not very likely).
2. Because they are like Lays Potato Chips…you can’t stop after having one.
1. Because they are for everybody at any age anywhere on the globe.

Scenes from Seattle


Duck Satriani rocks the EMP.

Can’t visit Seattle without a coffee buzz ;)

Vegas Baby gets her gambling fix at a casino just outside Seattle.

Vegas Baby: “Big money! I’m feeling hot today!”

Ride the Ducks of Seattle

Seattle is one of a few cities that has a sightseeing tour called Ride the Ducks. This vehicle gives tours of the city on land and water! They give passengers noise makers that they call Wacky Quackers that look like beaks and make quacking sounds. “Free with every ride, the Wacky Quacker™ will grab locals’ attention and get the Duck rocking as you roll through the city streets.” It’s hilarious to see this coming down the street. I didn’t get a chance to ride it, but I went into the gift shop (which was full of rubber ducks)and took home many souveneirs.

Million Dollar Duck Race

On August 6, approximately 25,000 rubber ducks took the plunge into the East River and raced from the Brooklyn Bridge to South Street Seaport for the 2008 Duck Race! The race was a charity benefit for the Special Olympics. It was quite a spectacle watching all the ducks as they made a mad dash for the finish line. We adopted a few ducks for the race. Although our ducks did not finish first, we had a spectacular time rooting them on.

To see more pictures of the event and a play by play of the race click here

The Ducks Prepare to go to Seattle for Duckfest

Only a few more days untill Seattle and Duckfest! Cheese, HiYa, Tips, and Smiley Ducks will be some of the flock who will be heading west to take Seattle by storm. Vegas Baby will also join them….a last minute addition after finding out that there are casinos to be seen between the hotel and the actual location of Duckfest (just outside Seattle). Duck Satriani will be going to see the Experience Music Project Museum. They will be quacking all over Seattle. Stay tuned for pictures.

Of course, the most exciting part of the trip is the day of Duckfest. The traveling flock will be excited to search out new members for the flock at Duckfest. Stay tuned for pictures of all the rubber duckiness and quackery of Duckfest 2008!