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Boardwalk Empire

Where did the ducks go this holiday weekend? Here is a little hint in a parody inspired by Boardwalk Empire staring Enoch “Ducky” Thompson….

Enoch “Ducky” Thompson: “First rule of politics, kiddo: never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Ducky Thompson: “We all have to decide for ourselves how much sin we can live with.”

Ducky Thompson: “Now…off to Babette’s Supper Club and then to the Ritz…”

Ducktown Tavern. An Atlantic City Must!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh, wait a minute…it is a bird…and that bird is Zorro Duck! And when he and any of the other members of the flock are passing through Atlantic City they are sure to make a pit stop at Ducktown Tavern.

Ducktown Tavern which opened in 1995 gets it’s name  from the Ducktown area of Atlantic City (stretching from Missouri Avenue to Texas Avenue). How did this area of Atlantic City get the name Ducktown? Glad you asked. Italian immigrants heavily settled Ducktown in the early 1900s and named it for the duck houses they built along the bayfront, where they raised poultry and waterfowl.  It is now mostly an Italian American community.

Zorro Duck: “Fighting crime makes me hungry and thirsty. I must stop at Ducktown Tavern!”

Snucki loves to hang out there, too.

Snucki: “I’m always down for drinks at Ducktown Tavern! Where else is a little gui-duck gonna go?!”

There is even a Ducktown Tavern firetruck!

Cheese Duck: “I wanna take a ride on that Ducktruck!”

Another shot of the ducktruck.

Cheese Duck: “The ducktruck puts a smile on my beak.”

Cheese Duck: “Watch out where you put out that cigar, duck. You don’t want to start any fires. Good thing there’s a fire ducktruck here at Ducktown Tavern. Seems this guy likes to smoke a lot of cigars. Heeheehee. Well, off to join the rest of the flock at Ducktown Tavern. Until next time! Chow!”

Ducktown Tavern Adventures

Tartyann: “This way! This way, Cheese! Look what I have found!”

Tartyann: “It’s a duck tavern right in the heart of Atlantic City! Hee!”

Cheese: “Wow! Ducktown Tavern! How did they know we were coming?!”

Tartyann: “And they are open 24 hours! Sounds like my kind of place! Heehee!”

Tartyann: “And there are rules to be broken. Rules are for the birds…well , except for us birds! Heeheehee.”
Cheese: “I wonder if there are any early bird specials?”
Cheese: “Three Happy Hours a day!!!! Now that puts a smile on my beak, quack!”

Atlantic City Adventures

Poker Duck: “All aboard the ACES train! It’s off to AC we go, quack!”

Poker Duck: “Now……off to the casino for a little Texas Hold ‘em!”

Ducksino: “Come in this house if you are a high rolling double down duck!”

Vegas Baby: “Don’t mind if I do!”
Cheese Duck: “Looks like we are on our own today on the boardwalk. The locals aren’t sharing their food today.”