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ZIggy Starduck

Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly,
And the spiders from Mars. He played it left hand
But made it too far
Became the special man, then we were Ziggy’s band…

Boardwalk Beethoven

Beethoven duck



Hard Rock Me Amadeus!

Rock me Amadeus duck

He was a superstar
He was popular
He was so exalted
That's exactly what his flair was....

hard rock amadeus
He was a virtuoso
Was a Rock idol
And everything is calling
Come and rock me Amadeus!

Beach Patrolin’

Finny beach patrol

It may not be summer anymore but that doesn’t stop Finny the shark duck from hitting the beach ;)

Ducktown Tavern….at Night

We’ve seen Ducktown Tavern during the day. Everytime I go back to Atlantic City, I like to go by and snap some pictures. This time I decided to go at night to get a couple of shots….er photos….of the inside of the place.

Duck crossing sign! Of course! It seems Ducktown has a pretty good softball team as well… they have a championship trophy, too! Go ducks!

James Pond: “I’ll have a martini…..and put it on my bill.”

Duckie Fizz: “Excuse me while I pop the cork off this bottle of “Duck Pérignon! Cheers, Ducktown dears!”

The Wild Wild West, New Jersey

What? I thought the west was won in Texas? Not if you are in Alantic City! The fun thing about casinos is that they can virtually transport you to another time or place. And the Wild Wild West Casino in Atlantic City is the perfect setting for these cowducks! Yeehaw!

Lone Ranger: “It’s Tuesday and I’m ready to hang a foul fowl, ya’ll.”

Wild Bill: “This boardwalk ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

Lone Ranger: “Looks like there’s gonna be a showdown then.”

Wild Bill: “Meet me at the saloon at sundown.”

Lone Ranger: “Guess I’ll ride this here chuckwagon down to the saloon.”

Cue the theme to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”……….

A couple of “Anatra di Gomma’s”

Luigi: “What a nice-a day at-a Caesar’s Palace!”

Giuseppe: “Yes, yes. I’m-a getting a little-a hungry.”

Luigi: “Would you like-a some of my-a spaghetti?”

Giuseppe: “No. I would-a like a pizza pie.”

Giuseppe: “Now this is-a what I’m-a talking about!”

Luigi: “Fantastico!”

Stay tuned next week to see Guiseppe and Luigi’s adventures at San Gennaro in NYC’s little Italy. It will be magnifico!

A Duck Walks into a bar called Ducktown Tavern

Ducktown Tavern! Need I say more?! A fine little establishment with an old Sands Casino Sign hanging on the wall inside. They also have their own Ducktown firetruck that is availabe for rent (I know what I’m doing when I win the lottery ;) ) Someday I want to actually hang out there with the Ducktown locals……but for now, let’s check out the rubber ducks’ Ducktown Tavern adventures. It’s not the first time the ducks have been to Ducktown Tavern. As a matter of fact, they visit every time they are in Atlantic City. After all, what’s not to love about a duck themed tavern?

Cheese Duck: “It’s been too long, Ducktown Tavern! We meet again! I hope it’s Mexican night! I could really use the “Mexican Fiesta Meal” right now! Arrrriba! Ah no, I forgot my sombrero!”

HiYa Duck: “Drinking beer doesn’t make one fat, it makes one lean…..against bars, chairs, tables, and poles.”

James Pond: “I’d like a martini….shaken, not stirred.”

Wild Bill: “They take kindly to ducks. That’s mighty nice.”

James Pond: “Follow the arrow.”

Cowduck: “Don’t mind if I do.”

Paparazzi Duck: “I hope that Ducktown fellow is inside! That’s a money shot!”

And with that the ducks walked into a bar……..

Cowducks on the Boardwalk

What are some little cowpoke ducks gonna do when they hit the Atlantic City Boardwalk? Why don’t we just take ourselves a look:

Wild Bill: “Much Obliged.”

Mosey on into the best buffet this side of the Mississippi.

Wild Bill: “Don’t mind if I do.”

After fueling up at the buffet, Wild Bill gets himself into a few showdowns…..well…sort of…

Wild Bill: “This here Wild West Casino ain’t big enough for the both of us!”

Surf Duck: “I was just wondering how to get to the beach….”

And later on that evening…

Wild Bill: “This here Wild West Casino ain’t big enough for the both of us!”

Chief: “ME BIG CHIEF!”

It looks like feathers are going to fly this time!

The very next day Wild Bill had moseyed on into the Wild Wild West Casino to do a little gambling and a couple of more cowducks found themselves hanging out in front of the Wild Wild West Casino…

Buck Duck: “Looks like another lazy day on the….boardwalk.”

Chuck Duck: “Yup.”

Buck Duck: “Let’s see what’s rustling on the boardwalk.”

Chuck Duck: “Sounds mighty fine, yup.”

Buck and Chuck Ducks know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em….

Buck Duck: “The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back into your pocket.”

Chuck Duck: “Yup.”