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Selfie Duck in Rockefeller Center

Selfie Duck is at it again! This time in Rockefeller Center!

Rockefeller duck


selfie duck

Over in Times Square…

Times Square duck

The Stars Hang out in Rockefeller Center

bud duck rock center

I <3 the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge duck

I <3 NY Duck enjoys the sights of the Brooklyn Bridge in all it’s glory ;)

More from Selfie Duck

Selfie duck downtown

Meatpacking duck

Selfie Duck ventured out to the High Line in NYC. So of course he took a selfie ;)

Or Else!

sugar factory duck

Saw this HUGE duck at the Sugar Factory in Atlantic City. There was also a sign beside it asking people not to sit on the duck (just in case someone felt the urge to hoist themselves up and ride the giant duck). Haha

Hard Rockin’

Floating Stones

Mick Quacker from the Floating Stones hangs out at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City. Isn’t he the coolest?! He’s one of the newest ducks from CelebriDucks.

Luxury Black Star Magic Duck

Magic star duck

LOVE this new duck by Bud Ducks! Isn’t it a beauty!? Perfect for a shot in front of the Hard Rock because it’s a true rock star!

Quack Central Station

Quack Central Station

Seargent Peppers Lonely Hard Rock Live

Seargent Peepers