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Zorro Duck’s Boardwalk Adventure

Zorro Duck finds trouble on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Who Arrrrrrrre the perpetrators this time? Who will need his help? Will it be “Snucki” (short for Snooki Duck)? Stay tuned later this week for another adventure of Zorro Duck….this time on the Jersey shore.

Zorro Duck and the case of the “Lost Duck”

Let me preface this post by saying that I was not responsible for posting all the “Lost Duck” signs all over the city and I have no clue who is responsible for hanging them. I find them to be brilliant, but you could say that I am a little biased ;)   Anyway, a few of my friends told me about the signs and it gave me an idea….another adventure for Zorro Duck. So I made up some “Found Duck” signs. I searched out some of the “Lost Duck” signs today and posted my “Found Duck” along side them. I want to thank the person-wherever you are-for inspiring this story of Zorro Duck and the case of the “Lost Duck”……….and I hope you find your rubber duck ;)

Today as Zorro Duck flies through Gotham City he comes upon a sign outside the Village Voice head quarters.

Zorro Duck : “It appears that a rubber duck is lost in the city! This looks like a job for Zorro Duck! I must find this little lost guy!”

Zorro Duck starts by searching the bowels of the subway.

Zorro Duck: “It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it!”

After having no luck in the subway, Zorro Duck scours the little shops on Canal Street.

Zorro Duck: “Excuse me little ladies, have you seen a wee little duck around here?”

Dolls : “No, we have not a duck around here…and if one were to come around here it would be served with duck sauce.”

Zorro Duck: “Ahh! Those dolls weren’t joking! I must hurry my search and high tail it out of here!”

Zorro Duck: “More signs!”

Meanwhile……..the lost duck waddles the streets…”Squeak, squeak.”

Zorro Duck: “Wait….did I just hear someone say, “squeak, squeak?”

“Squeak, squeak!”

Zorro Duck follows the squeaking all the way to the Kid Robot store.

Zorro Duck: “There you are, little lost duck!”

Lost Duck: “Zorro Duck! Am I glad to see you! I was couped up in the bathroom all winter long and wanted to go for a summer stroll…and then I couldn’t find my way back home!”

Zorro Duck: “Well let’s get you home…stat!”

The End

Zorro Duck in the Big Easy

What quackery lurks in the Big Easy? Read on and find out for yourself as Zorro Duck fights crime in New Orleans….

Cajun Clyde: “This is the place! This is the place that sells the golden Mardi Gras beads! Let’s go get them, Mardi Mallard!”

Mardi Mallard: “I’ve got them! Finally nabbed them when no one was looking! Ahahaha, quack!”

Cajun Clyde: “Now we can take these golden beads beads and fly to South America where we will trade them for lots of money!”

Mardi Mallard: “Yes! We will live like rich free birds! But first let’s celebrate! Ahahaha, quack!”

Unfortunately the villianous fowls get too drunk and forget the golden beads.

Canard Claudette: “I must have taken a wrong turn…too many frozen Hurricanes I suppose…heeheehee…what’s this?”

Canard Claudette: “Oh, pretty golden beads!”

The villianous fowls go looking for the golden beads when they realized their stupidity.


Cajun Clyde: “Uh huh! I found them!”

Mardi Mallard: “Give us those beads or else!”

Canard Claudette: “No! Never!”

Cajun Clyde: “Then we will have to take them ourselves!”

Canard Claudette: “Help me! Somebody help me!”

Zorro Duck: “Did I just hear someone say ‘Help me, somebody help me?”

Zorro Duck flies in to save the day.

Zorro Duck: “Leave this madmoiselle alone or else!”

Cajun Clyde: “Or else what!?”

Mardi Mallard: “Yeah, what? Ahaha, quack!”

Zorro Duck: “Or else I will have to kick both your Big Easy butts!”

The villainous fowls think they can take Zorro Duck….but they are no match for him. He didn’t even need his sword!

The villainous fowls take off running. Once again Zorro Duck save the day.

Canard Claudette: “Zorro Duck! You are my hero!”

Zorro Duck: “All in a days work, mademoiselle! Now go return the golden beads to the Jewerly store and you will be rewarded at the next Mardi Gras with thousands of beads!”

Canard Claudette: “Will do!”   *Smoooooooch*

She gives him a smooch and returns the golden beads to the jewelry store and Zorro Duck flies off to his next adventure.

La Fin.

Zorro Duck…The Red Caped Criminal

“Well, hello there Zorro Duck. How are you doing, sonny?”

“Give me all your money!”

“Hello there, Zorro Duck. Loving the new red cape and hat.”

“Gimme your purse!”

“Help me, somebody help me! I was just robbed by Zorro Duck!”

Zorro Duck was causing havoc all over Gotham City. Was something wrong with Zorro Duck? Had he lost his mind? Had he had gone from helping people to robbing them?

Of course not! This red caped criminal was not really Zorro Duck. He was merely posing as Zorro Duck so that he wouldn’t get caught committing his evil deeds. However, he did not consider that Zorro Duck himself would come looking for him sooner than later.

“Did you really think you could pose as me and not get caught?”
“Of course, you are no match for me, Zorro Duck.”

“We’ll see about that!”

So they duck it out mano-a-mano.
“Looks like you are out of luck, duck!”
“Well, looks like you’ve done it again, Zorro Duck. I’ll take it from here.”

“Zorro Duck, you are my hero!” Smooooch.
“All in a day’s work, madame.”

Who is this masked duck?

Did Zorro Duck change his disguise? Stay tuned to find out on the next Zorro Duck in the City…….coming soon!

Zorro Duck in the City

Duck Diego de la Vega AKA Zorro Duck goes to the city to fight crime.

After a long day of work at the diner, Tips leaves in hopes of spending the night out on the town. “I’m gonna shake my tail feather tonight at Club Quacker Jacks!”
Tips decides to walk home instead of taking the subway. “It’s just too hot down there today…they need some air condtioning down there!”
“Give us all your tips.”
“I don’t think so. I had to serve alot of cranky customers today for these tips.”
“Then we will have to take them from you!”
“Help me! Somebody help me!”
“Ah ha! Are you bothering this lovely waitress!?”
“Yep, whacha gonna do about it?”

So they “duck” it out, mano duck-a-mano duck.

“They are no match for Zorro Duck!”
“Oh, Zorro Duck! You are my hero!”
“All in a day’s work, Tips!”
Zorro gets a kiss from Tips and is on his way to fight more crime in the city.

The Legend of Zorro Duck

“Help, help, the Diablos have keeednapped my daughter Senorita Rosarita!”

“Help me, help me, somebody help me!”

This is a job for Duck Diego de la Vega AKA Zorro Duck!

“Unhand Senorita Rosarita!”
“Then feathers are going to fly!”

“This is no match for Zoro Duck!”

“Like I said, this is no match for Zorro Duck.”

“Oh Zorro Duck, you are my hero!”
“All in a day’s work, Senorita Rosarita!”