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Quacky Comic Con!

Today is the first day of New York Comic Con! SO to celebrate, here’s a little Zorro Duck flick! Enjoy!

The Red Caped Criminal

What evil lurks in Gotham City? Who is that masked duck that flaps in the night? (No, it is not Darkwing Duck ;) ) Who is that OTHER masked duck? Will the “Bird Bath Time Machine” premiere be the last we see of Sweet D.? Find out now in “The Red Caped Criminal” starring Zorro Duck!

One more teaser!

Zorro Duck

One more teaser from the “THE RED CAPED CRIMINAL” starring Zorro Duck! The stop motion short film adventure will be posted here tomorrow! Stay tuned!!!!!!

“Did someone say ‘Help me, somebody help me?’…..”

Zorro Duck

Something is amiss in Gotham City…. Stay tuned to see if this caped crusa-duck will save the day!

Another teaser from the Zorro Duck pro-duck-tion!

Ganster ducks

Why is that duckie with the curls all tied up!? Why is that ganster duck on the phone? And why, oh why is that duck in the back still smoking!? Find out soon in the next stop motion Zorro Duck Adventure!

Sneak Peek at “The Red Caped Criminal”

ganster ducks

Ever wonder what a rubber duck gangster hideout looks like? Well, wonder no more as I have created this one for my next stop motion short film for the Sparrow Film Fest! But what trickery are these villainous fowls up to? Stay tuned to find out! And yes, that duck has a cigarette in it’s mouth ;)

Zorro Duck in the City!

Zorro Duck Red Caped Criminal

Today marks the official kick off of Comic Com 2013! SO prepare yourselves for a special stop motion short film of Zorro Duck’s next adventure! This time he will be conquering the evils that lurk in Gotham City! Stay tuned for that!!

My Diamond in the Rough….

Presenting….My Diamond in the Rough starring Zorro Duck…..

Stop Motion Duck Film

Three weeks ago I impulsively decided to enter a film fest at the Sparrow Tavern. I know what you are thinking….a film fest at a bar? Yes! But it’s not just any bar. The Sparrow Tavern is located in Astoria (Queens) New York where a lot of up and coming NYC actors and film makers live. The fest was actually started by an actor and has grown ever since. This film fest…called “The 3 Cubed Film Festival”….is held every 3 months. Participants draw their titles from a bucket and have 3 weeks to come up with a 3 minute film based on the title they draw…..hence the name of the fest…”Three Cubed Film Fest.”

I have no experience in film making or editing, but I decided to give it a go. The titles for this film fest were torn from the New York Times. The title I drew was…..”My Diamond in the Rough.” I figured I would make a stop motion film using Zorro Duck. Easy, right? Ha! First, there was the building of two sets….a wild west town set and a saloon set. After a trip to Home Depot, Michaels, Party City, and many online stores I created the sets (and costumes):

Then there was the taking of the pictures……800 give or take….a painstaking process of moving the ducks across the sets little by little to animate them. Then there was music, dialogue, a few other touches, and 2 weeks later…..Voila!  My first duck motion picture was created! Off to Sparrow I went to drop it off for the fest. How did it turn out? Stay tuned tomorrow for the movie……..Zorro Duck in……”My Diamond in the Rough.”

Pirates on the Jersey Shore!

On a hot summer day some pirates find themselves looking for treasure that had been buried on the Jersey shore. Much to their surprise someone had beat them to finding it! They were not amused.

Pirates: “We arrrrrrrr not amused!”

They were convinced someone along the Atlantic City boardwalk had their buried treasure. They went on a hunt to find out who had their treasure….

Pirates: “Where ye be hidin’ arrrrrrr treasure!?! Tell us where it is or there’ll be trouble! Yarrrrr!”

Scuba duck: “I…I…don’t know what you are talking about…I haven’t seen any treasure…I swear!”

The pirates go terrorizing the entire boardwalk accosting one duckie at a time.

Pirates: “Give us arrrrrr treasure or we will be beatin’ it out o’ you! Yarrrr!”

Duckie: “Ahhhh!”

Pirates: “Where ye be hidin’ arrrr treasure!?! Yarrr!”

Snucki (short for Snooki duck): “Treasure? I don’t have any treasure. Do you have any pickles? And hurry it up cuz my bronzer’s leaking off my face.”

The pirates weren’t having any of her Jersey Shore nonsense. They chase her down the boardwalk….

Snucki: “Ahhhh! Stop chasing me! Do you know who I am!?! I’m Snucki!….Help me! Somebody help me!”

Just around the corner at Ducktown Tavern Zorro Ducks suspects someone needs his help.

Zorro Duck: “Did I just hear someone say ‘Help me, somebody help me?’ ”

Zorro Duck rushes to the boardwalk and stops the pirates in their tracks.

Zorro Duck: “Seems someone has lost their treasure.”

Pirates: “Where did ye find arrrr treasure!”

Zorro Duck: “I have my sources.”

Pirates: “Ahoy! You have been hidin’ arrrrr treasure all along! Later ye will be walkin’ the plank!  But first, we be takin’ arrr treasure back! Yarrrr!

Zorro Duck: “We’ll see about that.”

…..and one by one Zorro Duck defeats all the pirates.

…and saves the day…and Snucki.

Snuckie: “Oh Zorro Duck! Thank you! Wanna go get a drink with a cute little guidette duck? We could pay the tab with all this treasure.”

Zorro Duck: “Maybe another time, Snucki. I’ve got some more crime to fight!”

And with that Zorro Duck is off to fight more crime. As for the treasure….Snucki uses it to buy fried pickles and cocktails that night for her and her friends. The End.