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Summer is finally back!

After a long, harsh winter the flock steps out for a breath of fresh… air.
Cheese: “Ah, the subway wind beneath my wings again.”

Ducks: “To FAO Schwartz!”
Manhattan Baby Doll (AKA Hattie for short) chats up some of the locals: “Why did the duck cross the road?….To prove he wasn’t chicken!”
Sitting Duck: “Why do I feel like I’m being followed?”
Cheese plays Hide and Seek.
HiYa Duck: “For the last time…I will not pull your finger!”

The flock had quite an adventure at FAO Schwartz! You can see more of their adventures on flickr.

April Fool’s Day Adventures

With temperatures almost reaching 60 degrees today, Cheese Duck decided to go for a nice waddle in the city. Unfortunately a group of prankster devils decided to follow Cheese and play some April Fool’s Day jokes on the clueless duck.

Cheese Duck: “Why do I feel like I am being followed…?”

Little did the Devils know, Cheese was not such an easy target. Looks like the joke was on them. Cheese Duck had “cut the cheese” and they were downwind.

Cheese Duck: “Pfffffft. Ahh. Heeheehee.”

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Westminster Dog Show Adventures

Cheese Duckie: “Hello! I’m at here at Westminster trying not to squeak and be mistaken for a chew toy! Right here the English bulldogs are competing for best in breed. I have never seen so many sexy bitches in one place at one time! Bow (chick-a) wow wow!”

Duckhound: “Release the hounds! They are all so ‘fetching.’ It must be that greyhound gallop!”

Hero Duckie: “I see you checking me out, dalmation! That’s because I’m smokin’ !”

Vegas Baby and the Hollywood Paparazzi

Paparazzi: “Vegas Baby! Over here, Vegas Baby! Do you have any plans for the rest of the year, Ms. Baby?”

Vegas Baby: “I’m working on a clothing line called “DCUK” -duck collection UK-and a new perfume called “Eau du Bebe.” I’m also planning on attending Duckfest 09 in NYC.”

Adventures in Hollywood

Spidey and Cheese pose for a picture.

Cheese, glamous Cheese posing in front of the Hollywood sign.

Street Duck is up to his usual quackiness putting Duckshow stickers up all over the city. “This looks like a good place for a stick up!”

Director Duck finds his way to the red carpet. “Duckshow take 2!”

Duck of Fame

What would a trip to Hollywood be without a trip down the Hollywood walk of fame?

Cheese (duck): Ahhhh! No more showers for me! Don’t look up! There are killer birds up there!

Cheese: Can You tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Cheese: I’d like to buy a vowel, please.

Director Duck: Texas, Walker Ranger take 1.

Duckie Love (duck): Don’t hassel the Hoff!

Hollywood Holidays-Cheese sings quacky carols

“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell quack….Jingle bell squeaks from my jingle bell beak!”

“Duck the halls with flocks of duckies, Fa la la la laaaa, la la la quaaaack!”
“”Walking in a winter Hollywoodland!”

“The Spirit” Movie Premier

In true fashion, one of the ducks in the flock donned a “Spirit” costume especially for “The Spirit” movie premier last week at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywoodland. The movie was duck-tacular! Here are some pictures from the premier:

Spirit Duck poses with Gabriel Macht who plays “The Spirit” character in the movie.

Here is the Spirit Duck with Samuel L. Jackson who plays the character “The Octopus.”
Spirit Duck: “He’s one bad motherducker!”

Spirit Duck and Jaime King. She plays the character “Lorelei Rox.”

The Spirit Duck poses on the red carpet before the movie.
Spirit Duck: “Somebody find me a tie! I don’t care what kind, but by God, it had better be red!”

See more pictures from the premier here:

Lone Star Street Cheese

“Hi this is Cheese from the Duckshow. Today we are going to be talking to duckies in the Lone Star State! Yeehaw!”

Cheese: “Here comes a couple of Cowducks. Hello there. Can I ask you a couple of questions about your Lone Star State?”

Buck Duck:”Howdy. You sure can.”
Joe Bob:”Yup.”

Cheese:”Is it always this hot out here?”

Buck Duck:”Sometimes it gets so hot out here the hens are layin’ boiled eggs.”
Joe Bob:”Yup.”

Cheese:”What’s a day like in the day of a cowduck?”

Buck Duck:”There’s a lot that goes on out there on the range. Why don’t ya come on over for supper and I’ll tell ya. I can cook biscuits and gravy like nobody’s business. I live just over yonder.”
Joe Bob:”Yup.”

Cheese:”Sounds good!”

Buck Duck:”Just head on over when you’re done.”

Cheese: “Hello there, I’m Cheese, and you are..”

Debbie Sue:”I’m Debbie Sue, but you can call me Deb.”

Cheese:”Okay, Deb. How would you describe what you are wearing?”

Debbie Sue:”This outfit? I’d call it Texas chic. I got it at Western Warehouse. I’m fixin’ to go out for some Tex-mex. Wanna come along?”

Cheese:”I’ll have to take a rain check. I’ve been invited to eat with the cowducks.”

Debbie Sue:”Careful, Buck Duck will talk your ear off. Hehe.”

Cheese:”Oh, look who showed up. The Lone Quacker!”

Lone Quacker:”Well, howdy!”

Cheese:”Caught any criminals today?”

Lone Quacker:”Nah, just spotted one feller trying to tag a tree. I let him go with a warning.”

Cheese:”Oh yeah?”

Lone Quacker:”He was trying to put a sticker on a tree. I believe it said ‘Duckshow’ on it.”

Cheese:”Oh (gets a little nervous). Well, I’ve got to go now. This has been Cheese with…uh…(whispers) Duckshow. I’ll see ya’ll later.”

Lone Quacker:”I’m not hard-a-hearing, ya know.”

Duckie Olympics

Have you ever wondered what a Duckie Olympics would be like? No. Well, that is why Duckshow exists….we go there….with rubber ducks!
Two duckies paddle it out for the gold in table tennis.

A gold is awarded to Duckathon in track and field.

HiYa gets a gold for Judo. “No one can beat the master!”

And finally-two ducks are awarded a gold for synchronized swimming. They even synchronized their pose for the picture! Now that’s dedication!