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Amusing Duck….Hunt

When I first “layed” my eyes on this little gem I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by it’s duckish charm! I also got a good chuckle at the description of the duck on the front and back of the box.  Here is the back of the box:

And if the description isn’t amusing enough, here is the duck in “Bump N’ Go” action:

I have been wanting this duck for a long time, but it is almost impossible to track down online. Sure, there are imitations out there. But they just don’t measure up to this particular model. Then, suddenly I had an idea….I shall go on a Duck Hunt… for the elusive Amusing Duck! And what more logical place to hunt this duck down than in Manhattan’s Chinatown! Sound the gong!

So I made the trek to Chinatown. To cross or not to cross the street…that was the question. Not really. I was just getting mixed “signals” at the Bayard St. crosswalk.  I crossed (of course) going from stop to shop searching for said duck.

I brought a picture along so I wouldn’t seem like a complete moron when asking about this rare species of duck. I asked all the shop owners if they had seen this duck or knew where I could find it. Most of them laughed (or looked at me like I was nuts) and sent me to another street or shop in the area. After hours of hunting, I was growing weary from walking around in the frigid weather and decided to call off the search. Alas, my search was not successful…this time.

It wasn’t a completely wasted trip, I must say. I spotted tons of little rubber ducks in one of the shops. Had I been looking for those today, I would have hit the jackpot! As for the Amusing Duck….the hunt continues. Gaggle! Gaggle!

Snow Day Quackiness

Distant voice: “Hey, hey you guys, hey.”

Duckee Hill: “Do you hear something?”

Duckslope: “You mean that…’hey, hey you guys, hey?’…..yeah. Where is that coming from?”

* Cheese Duck’s head pops up from out of the snow *

Cheese: “Hey you guys. Whew, that’s better. How is it that I can float on water but not on snow?”

Duckee Hill (to Duckslope): “That Cheese is an odd bird.”

More Snow Day Fun

SO much fun was to be had in all the snow that had fallen this winter. The ducks couldn’t help but enjoy themselves in the fresh powder.

The ski ducks go out to test out the newly formed snow dunes…er mountains.

Ski ducks: “Weeeeeee!”

Duckslope and Duckee Hill build a snowman…er duck.

And a family of snowducks enjoy a day of basking in the snow.

Let it Snow

‘Twas the night after Christmas and in came a blizzard….so the next day the ducks decided to go out and play.

Ducks: “Yay! Let’s go play in the snow!”

Then the wind started to kick up.

Ducks: “Uh oh! It’s getting windy!”

And it was hard to see.

Ducks: “Who cares! Let’s play in the snow! Woot, woot, quack!”

And off they went!

Batduck and Robin in “Poker Face”

Deep in the bowels of Gotham City the Riddler schemes to take down Batduck and take over the city…

Riddler: I’ll just leave this riddle here for Batduck….then I’ll make my way to the Video Music Awards and wait for him. Heehee haha heehee!

…and off he goes-the Riddler is up to something very “fowl.”

Riddler: Ahaha hee hee!

As Batduck and Robin fly through the air to protect the city they spy the large card below.

Batduck: Look, Robin! It appears to be a riddle on a card….looks like the Riddler has been around here.

Robin: What does it say?

Batduck: It says, “How do you wake up Duckie Gaga?”

Robin: Well that’s easy, Batduck…..”Poker” face.

Batduck: Looks like the Riddler is after Duckie Gaga…and it’s on an 8 card which means he’s going to be at the VMA’s at 8pm….to poke Duckie Gaga in the face! We better get down there!

…and off he goes-the Riddler is up to something very “fowl.”

meanwhile at the VMA’s…

Duckie Gaga: Hello, little monsters! I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time!

Riddler: Ahaha hee hee!

Batduck: Ah ha! Riddler! We meet again!

Riddler: Riddle me this, Batduck…What did the Batduck forget to do when the Riddler went to smack him?

Duckie Gaga: Duck!

Riddler: That is correct, Duckie Gaga!

Duckie Gaga: No, Duck, Batduck!

PoW! BaM! QwAcK! SmAcK!

Batduck saves the day and the Duckie Gaga! And the Riddler goes waddling off as fast as he can…..for now that is…

Duckie Gaga: Thank you, Batduck. I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me, papa, paparazzi!

Batduck: I’m kinda thirsty. Can you spare me a soda?

And Batduck saves the day….for now…what will the Riddler have planned next for Batman? Find out in the next episode…….

~The End~

There’s a New Hero In Town

Captain Duckamerica: “Justice and freedom for all duckkind!”

Captain Duckamerica! Keeping the subways safe in Gotham City!

Captain Duckamerica: “Gonna take a ride on the Q train!”

…Looks like Captain Duckamerica has some company…..seems some rogues followed him out of the subway… out, Captain Duckamerica!

Luna’s Adventures in Duck-efeller Center

When we last left off Luna (the little duck visiting from Pittsburgh) explored the crossroads of the world AKA Times Square. She hopped into a cab to her next destination…..Rockefeller Center.

Luna: “Thanks for the ride across town, Mr Cabbie! Now for some exploration…Like my new scarf? It’s a little chilly out here and a duck’s gotta stay warm and look fashionably nize whilst in NYC.”

After getting out of the cab, Luna waddled through Rock Center.

Luna: “Here is where they put that huge Christmas tree! Must pose for a picture.”

Luna: “And here is where that ice skating rink goes! Looks like they are wasting no time getting that thing set up.”

Luna: “I wonder if that peacock will come out if I hang around for a while?”

Luna never came across that NBC peacock-but she did meet a mallard.

Luna: “Hello there, Mr. Mallard. How’s living here in Rockefeller Center?”

Mallard: “It’s just fabulous, rubber duckie. And that scarf you have on is just delightful…purple is the new black, you know.”


Next stop…Radio City Music Hall.

Luna: “Perhaps I will audition for the Rockettes. These bird legs can kick higher than one might think!”

Luna: “Long way up….I’d fly to the top….for a Klondike Bar.

Luna: “One last stop for the day…..The Late Show! I wonder if Dave has any Top Ten lists about rubber ducks?”

And with that Luna headed back to her luxurious hotel to take a bath…

Luna: “I gotta worsh up! Comic Con is just around the corner!”

Riddle Me This….

Riddle me this….There are two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck, and a duck in the middle. How many ducks are there?

Stay tuned for the answer and more when Batduck and Robin face the Riddler!

Adventures of a Little Duck Named Luna

Through the duck channels of the internet I have made friends with other rubber duck collectors. We formed an underground secret society for duck collectors on planet earth…Okay, not really..but it sounded exciting so I threw it in. The actual story is that I came upon a wonderful website for rubber duck collectors called Duckplanet when I began collecting rubber ducks. It is such a fun website and a very guilty pleasure of mine. I have bought and traded ducks with some of the folks and also met a few of them in person. Now to the point of this story…….I met a great gal on Duckplanet named Alena from the Pittsburgh area and she has a traveling duck named Luna. Luna had been cooped up for too long and needed a vacation…so she came to New York City. Here are the adventures (as seen through the eyes of Luna, of course).

After making her way to the Casa De Pato (translation-duck house AKA my apartment) in Astoria, NY (Queens). Luna decides to get out and see Times Square, but first she must take the subway:

Luna: “Like a streetcar…except more crowded and smelly.”

After about a 20 minute subway ride on the N train she found herself at the crossroads of the world…aka Times Square.

Luna: “I’m a little famished. How’s about I get somethin’ to eat.”

Luna (waddling up to a hotdog cart): “Is this stuff  ‘city chicken’ ?”

Hot dog Vendor: “No, it’s street meat.”

Luna: “I’ll just have a can of pop and a hot dog, extra mustard and relish please.”

After having a street dog Luna continues to see the sites of Times Square.

Luna: “I can see the Great White Way from here. I should see a show…but what to see?”

Luna: “A show at the Marquis perhaps? I will have to come see it whenever I get some time.”

Luna: “Well this looks familliar! A little bit of Pennsylvania here in the big apple.”

….And after a tour of Times Square Luna is off to her next adventure. Where will she go? Stay tuned…

Luna: “Taaaaaaaaaaxi!!!!!”

Pirates on the Jersey Shore!

On a hot summer day some pirates find themselves looking for treasure that had been buried on the Jersey shore. Much to their surprise someone had beat them to finding it! They were not amused.

Pirates: “We arrrrrrrr not amused!”

They were convinced someone along the Atlantic City boardwalk had their buried treasure. They went on a hunt to find out who had their treasure….

Pirates: “Where ye be hidin’ arrrrrrr treasure!?! Tell us where it is or there’ll be trouble! Yarrrrr!”

Scuba duck: “I…I…don’t know what you are talking about…I haven’t seen any treasure…I swear!”

The pirates go terrorizing the entire boardwalk accosting one duckie at a time.

Pirates: “Give us arrrrrr treasure or we will be beatin’ it out o’ you! Yarrrr!”

Duckie: “Ahhhh!”

Pirates: “Where ye be hidin’ arrrr treasure!?! Yarrr!”

Snucki (short for Snooki duck): “Treasure? I don’t have any treasure. Do you have any pickles? And hurry it up cuz my bronzer’s leaking off my face.”

The pirates weren’t having any of her Jersey Shore nonsense. They chase her down the boardwalk….

Snucki: “Ahhhh! Stop chasing me! Do you know who I am!?! I’m Snucki!….Help me! Somebody help me!”

Just around the corner at Ducktown Tavern Zorro Ducks suspects someone needs his help.

Zorro Duck: “Did I just hear someone say ‘Help me, somebody help me?’ ”

Zorro Duck rushes to the boardwalk and stops the pirates in their tracks.

Zorro Duck: “Seems someone has lost their treasure.”

Pirates: “Where did ye find arrrr treasure!”

Zorro Duck: “I have my sources.”

Pirates: “Ahoy! You have been hidin’ arrrrr treasure all along! Later ye will be walkin’ the plank!  But first, we be takin’ arrr treasure back! Yarrrr!

Zorro Duck: “We’ll see about that.”

…..and one by one Zorro Duck defeats all the pirates.

…and saves the day…and Snucki.

Snuckie: “Oh Zorro Duck! Thank you! Wanna go get a drink with a cute little guidette duck? We could pay the tab with all this treasure.”

Zorro Duck: “Maybe another time, Snucki. I’ve got some more crime to fight!”

And with that Zorro Duck is off to fight more crime. As for the treasure….Snucki uses it to buy fried pickles and cocktails that night for her and her friends. The End.