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Rubber Duckie 911

“Yeah, I’ve been working this beat for about a year now….

“Do I write many tickets? We don’t have quotas anymore. We used to have quotas, but now we’re allowed to write as many tickets as we want. I think I’ll grab a quick snack here.”

“Sometimes people want a warning. I say, OK I’m warning you not to do that again or I’ll give you another ticket.”

“You definitely have to have pretty thick skin, or else these people will walk all over you.”

“Sometimes upholding the law is messy, but you get by…one day at a time….”

Street Duck leaves his mark around Manhattan

“Hello, I’m Street Duck and I’ve been displaying my handy work all over Manhattan on ‘Hello my name is’ nametags.”

“Celebrities seem to like my name tags. Here is Amy Winehouse posing with my name tag.”

“Here I am on the Upper West Side. I decided to display my name tag on the subway entrance. Notice how I colored coordinated it to the train number.”
“Here I am in Greenwich Village. This is a special edition name tag. Sometimes I like to mix it up.”

“I had a couple of letters to mail so I said, ‘Hey, why not post some of my art?’ I had to move quick…like a ninja…so I didn’t fall in the box.”

“More of my handy work….Hey, maybe you will come across one of my name tags….or even me! Well, that’s all for today. Join me later for more adventures!”