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The Purr-fect Crime…Part 1

The last time we saw Batduck and the Riddler, they went beak to beak over Duckie Gaga in “Poker Face” (click here to view). The Riddler got away, but he is back with a more dastardly scheme after meeting up with Catwoman. Just see for yourself in “The Purr-fect Crime”……..

Queen Elizaduck: “Look Duckess, Isn’t the Yellow Diamond Duckie the most beautiful jewel you have ever set your eyes on!”

Duckess: “Yes, it is indeed! It looks so nice here at Duckingham Palace.”

Just as Queen Elizaduck and the Duckess leave for afternoon tea, a felonious feline by the name of Catwoman sneaks into the palace with a plan of her own.

Catwoman: “I must have the Yellow Diamond Duckie! It is purr-fect for my lair.”

And so the Yellow Diamond Duckie goes missing…..

Meanwhile back in Gotham City….

Riddler: “My, my, what do we have here?”

Catwoman: “It is the coveted Yellow Diamond Duckie from Duckingham Palace. Isn’t it purr-dy..”

Riddler: “You know…..we should let Batduck know we have it so he will come looking for us and we can destroy him. Then we can take over Gotham City….then Duckingham Palace!”

Catwoman: “Sounds like the purr-fect plan……as long as I can keep the Yellow Diamond Duckie for my lair.”

Riddler: “Now, let me just go and text Batduck and Robin with a fun little riddle. Haha Heehee!”

Robin: ” Batduck, I just got a text from the Riddler….it says, WHY DID THE DUCK CROSS THE POND?……”

Batduck: “It seems the Riddler is up to something….but what is the answer to the riddle?….Hmmmm….Oh……TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!” The Riddler is up to no good across the pond in England…..but where in England?”

Robin: “Well that’s easy, Batduck…..The Riddler just checked into Foursquare…..but it appears that’s he’s at 47th and 5th….in Gotham City.”

Batduck: “That’s the diamond district. Let’s go see what this shady scoundrel is scheming.”

Batduck: “Ah ha! Found you, Riddler.”

Robin: “And he’s got the coveted Yellow Diamond Duckie from Duckingham Palace!”

Catwoman: “Well hello Batduck. You’re catnip to a girl like me….fetching, allurrrrr-ing, and to die for…..and I have 9 lives.”

What will happen next???? Will Batduck fall under Catwoman’s spell??? Will the Riddler get away with the Yellow Diamond Duckie??? What will happen to Duckingham Palace??? Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of  “The Purr-fect Crime.”

Zorro Duck in “The Case of the Bird Flu Pandemic”

Dr. Canardo: “Ah ha ha haaaaa! I have concocted a special brew of bird flu for you, Quacker Jack!”

QuackerJack: “With this I shall wipe out the flock and take over Duckhattan!”

Quacker Jack: “Bird flu for everyone! Ha ha ha ha haaaa!”

Ducks: “Ahhhhhhhh!”

Quacker Jack: “Ah, this should be fun. Hello there, Sweetbeaks. Want some bird fluuuuuuuuu?”

Daisy Duck: “Help me! Somebody help me!”

Zorro Duck: Did I hear someone say “Help me, somebody help me?”

Zorro Duck: “Mess with the girl and you
will be a roast duck!”

Quacker Jack: “Is this some kind of….joke?”

Zorro Duck: “No, and I have a special brew of bird flu antibiotics to prove it!”

Quacker Jack: “Ahhhh ha ha ha ha haaa!”

Zorro Duck: “Not so fast, Quacker Jack!”

Quacker Jack: “Uh oh.”

Officer Bird Brady: “I’ll take it from here, Zorro Duck.”

Zorro Duck: “Take the bird flu antibiotics for the flock, too.”

Quacker Jack: “Until next time, Zorro Duck. Ha ha ha ha haaaa!”

Daisy Duck: “Oh, Zorro Duck, you are my hero!”

Zorro Duck: “All in a day’s work, Daisy Duck.”


A Couple of “Anatra di Gommas” at San Genarro…

For those who don’t know,the Feast of San Genarro is an Italian festival held in the Little Italy neighborhood of NYC to celebrate San Genarro as the Patron Saint of Naples. It was started by immigrant families in 1926. San Genarro is now an 11 day street fair held in September and draws crowds of people every year. This year a couple of Italian ducks….Luigi and Guiseppe….decide to waddle on down to Little Italy to participate in this feast.

Luigi: “Wow! It is a-so crowded out here in a-Little Italy! I’m a-holding this spaghetti, but I need to eat a-something besides a-spaghetti today. Let’s see what I can a-find.”

Luigi: “Oh, look! It is a-Vinny’s Nut House! And they have a-cotton candy, too. But I think I would like to a-find myself a calzone before I have a-some dessert.”

Guiseppe: “It is a-so crowded here in a-Little Italy. I have a-lost my friend Luigi. Luigi, where are you?”

Luigi (in the distance): “I am a-getting myself a Calzone!”

Guiseppe: “Well, good. Let’s see a-what else there is to feast on here at a-San Gennaro.”

Guiseppe: “Pickles. A-tasty and a-fresh. I wonder if they go great with a-my Chianti? A-probably not.”

Guiseppe: “Ciao! You look like a man who a-knows his Chianti. Do you a-know where I can get a-something to go with a-my Chianti?”

Chef: “Yes. Go one block and you will a-find yourself some magnifico Italian sausage to a-go with your Chianti.”

Guiseppe: “Now that is one a-long and a-spicy sausage! Mangia Mangia! I’ll take two!”

Luigi: “Now it is a-time to get myself a souvenir. Guiseppe, where are you?”

Guiseppe (in the distance):” I’m eating my a-spicy a-sausage!”

Luigi: “Looks like I’m a-going to need a-one of those little Italian a-footballs. We are going to need it after all of this a-feasting!”

Tarty Ann on the Loose!

Where is this siren from the highlands (AKA Tarty Ann) headed?

Tarty Ann: “Times Square! That’s where! Now…where can a wee bonnie duck find a cozy Scottish pub around here?”

Explorer Duck Visits Newark, Ohio

After tiptoeing through the tulips in the Netherlands, Explorer Duck heads back across the pond to the US. This time she lands in Newark, Ohio. If you aren’t aware of Explorer Duck by now, search it out on Duckshow. She is being hosted by duck collectors in many great cities all over the globe and Duckshow is documenting her travels. Let’s check out some of the highlights of her Newark trip:

Explorer duck stands in front of a Newark landmark. This 7-story “basket” is the headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company.

Next stop (just outside the city of Newark) is Zanesville. Explorer Duck overlooks the Zanesville Y-Bridge. It is the only bridge in the US that one can cross and stay on the same side of the river. Visitors are often surprised when they receive directions including the statement, “Drive to the middle of the bridge and turn right.”

Explorer Duck: “That’s zany!”

At the end of the Zanesville Y-Bridge is a display of HUGE (larger than the average human) vases. This landmark celebrates Zanesville as the pottery capital of the world.

Explorer Duck: “I’m at Vase Henge!”

What would a trip to Newark be without hanging out with some of the locals. The Newark squirrels adore Explorer Duck, as you can clearly see.

Explorer duck also spots some of the local superheroes at the Newark Comic Shop.

Explorer Duck: “I feel safe knowing these guys are keeping the Newark Metropolis free of nefarious fowls!”

Stay tuned for more of Explorer Ducks travels in later posts! Pictures taken by Hazelfortress.

The Grand Tub

It’s summer! SO here’s a little story to kick it off:

There was talk around Duckland of a “grand tub” down the street that was open for the summer. So, six ducks left Duckland in search of the this grand tub, thus began their journey.

They waddled and waddled….

Scuba Duck: “Are we there yet?”

Peking: “Almost.”

…until they got to the grand tub.

Scuba Duck: “Are we there yet?”

Peking: “Only a few quacks away.”

When they got to the grand tub they noticed there were a lot of rules.

Peking: “So many ducking rules at this grand tub.”

After reading all the rules, the ducks took a moment to gaze in awe of the grand tub that awaited them.

Ducks: “At last! The grand tub!

Peking: “Let’s all jump into the grand tub on the count of three. One….two….”

Peking: “THREE!”

And they all jumped in…..floating around in the grand tub…..except for Scuba Duck….who clearly needed a little more practice ;)

Peking: “You okay, Scuba Duck?”

Scuba Duck: “Yeah, I’ve had enough of the grand tub. Now can we go journey to find the ‘melodic ice cream wagon’?”

Mardi Gras Is Upon Us!

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Tomorrow is Mardi Gras!  So-in the spirit of the day celebrated by hurling beads, sucking down frozen hurricanes, and feasting on beignets and king cakes-I thought I would share some New Orleans pics of my own Mardi Gras shenanigans ….with ducks, of course…..

Duck: “Looks like my tail feathers could be in a little trouble!”

Devil Duckette: “Nothin’ goes better with a slice of pizza than a daiquiri!” *wink, wink*

Ragin’ Cajun Duck: *singing in the style of Zydeco*  “1..2..3..4..Don’t mess with my squeak, squeak!”

Cheese Duck: “Where can I find some rubber duck beads around here…and where is all that quacking coming from?!”

Mardi Gras Duckette: “I did it for the beads!”

Cheese Duck: “Rubber duck sticker found in the Big Easy. I’ve heard this duck’s quack is a lot worse than his bite. I don’t believe it. I better keep an eye out for this fowl feathered friend…”

(Potent Bathers is actually a local New Orleans band. Nothing foul about them at all ;)

And last but not least…..

Duck: *waddling with rapid strides* “There’s gators on Bourbon Street!”

Gator: “Rarrrrrrrh!”

Serendipitously Duckalicious and the Crossroads of the World!

How’s that for a title?  Serendipity III is ranked as a favorite restaurant among Manhattanites, tourists, and celebrities; and is  renowned for it’s many movie appearances-most noted of course- “Serendipity.”  And-to top that off- Serendipity III is also listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as having the most expensive dessert, at $1000. It is made with 5 scoops of the Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream (among other decadent ingredients) and covered in 23K edible gold leaf. Since I was meeting friends there, I decided to take Explorer Duck along for a few pics:

Explorer Duck: “I’d like the banana split…..and not the coward’s portion!”…..(Yes-coward’s portion is actually an option on the menu).

Explorer Duck: “Serendipity Hot Chocolate! Duckalicious!”

After the trip to Serendipity III, a friend informed me of a shop around the corner (called Pylones) that had a display window full of ducks. That’s all he had to say…..he had me at “ducks.” Off we went!

Here is a shot of Explorer Duck posing amongst the duckie wonderland:

Believe it or not, I didn’t buy anything! But….that doesn’t mean I’m not going back ;)

After such an exciting night, the next day would be filled with more sights of NYC. And….whats would a trip to the Big Apple be without seeing Times Square….so here you go:

Explorer Duck: “I’m at the crossroads of the world!”

Explorer Duck *singing* “Start spreading the newwwwwwwwws!”

And finally…..after seeing most of the hot spots of NYC,  it was time for Explorer Duck to move on to her next destination….where will it be? Stay tuned for updates on her travels.

Explorer Duck: “Au revoir!”

Duckshow flock: “Bon Voyage, Explorer Duck! Don’t forget to write!”

Explorer Duck Takes NYC

It wasn’t so easy for Explorer Duck to get to NYC. After waiting for the duck to come in the mail, it had to be rescued from the post office. And-it was by accident from having to retrieve another package (full of ducks, coincidentally) that the post office worker found the box with Explorer Duck (waiting inside restlessly to be released into the Big Apple).  I’m convinced my post office is up to something….I’m expecting ransom notes from them any day now saying…..”Pay up or the duck gets it!” But enough about the USPS. Let’s get on with Explorer Duck and her NYC stay….

First order of business….the traditional welcome form the Duckshow crew. “Surprise!”

And they partied the night away in true NYC duckie fashion. “Woot, woot, quack!” The next day Explorer Duck headed out to see the sights of the city. After getting a metrocard, she waddles onto the Q train (or “Q”uack train if you’re a duck).

First stop-Ground Zero!

Next stop-Brooklyn Bridge!

Explorer Duck: “Perhaps I will take a swim in the East River.” Fun fact….Thousands of ducks are released to race for charities in that section of river behind her. Not only is she standing in front of a national historical landmark, but she is also standing in front of a rubber duck landmark. It seems we killed two birds with one stone in this picture (figuratively, of course).  Next stop….Grand Central Station!

Explorer Duck: “This is grand!”

Stay tuned for more of her NYC adventures. The next one is going to be Serendipitous!

Next Stop….OHIO!

The fourth stop on Explorer Duck’s travels is Ohio. What kind of adventures lie ahead for this traveling globe-quacker? I’m glad you asked (or I hope you did, anyway). Here are some highlights from her trip to Ohio:

Here she is at Glamorgan Castle! I thought castles only existed in Europe and other exotic locals-I was obviously mistaken.

Explorer Duck: “A castle! They really do exist in the US!”

And of course, what would her trip be without visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Explorer Duck: “How about those Packers?!”

Explorer Duck was also in Ohio just in time to bring in the new year…..wait a minute….how did she know the Packers were going to win the Superbowl when this picture was taken in December? Hmmmm. I’m going to have to consult her next year and play a little fantasy football ;)

Explorer Duck: “Happy New Year!”

And finally, she hangs out with some of the Ohio locals. What a crazy bunch! Perhaps too crazy?

Gene Ducky Simmons: “I want to quack ‘n’ roll all night and party every day!”

I guess that would be her cue to move on to the next city…..New York City! What awaits her there? Stay tuned to find out about that and about being held ransom at the NYC post office. Really!? Yes, really! But more about that next week!

Photos by Melissa.