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Viva Vegas Baby!

Viva Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby: “It’s so nice to be back in Vegas! What’s a little duck to do?! Plenty! To the strip!”

Excalibur Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby: “The night is young! To Excalibur!”

Vegas Baby on the strip

Vegas Baby: “Ah, the smell of desert air and bright lights of the casinos! Where shall I go next?”

Paddy Quacker

Paddy Quacker: “Eh, Vegas Baby! Fancy meeting you here.”

Vegas Baby: “Glad I ran into you! I need the luck of an Irish duck tonight! Let’s go gamble!”

MGM Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby: “Cha Ching! To the next casino! I’m high rolling tonight, Paddy Quacker!”

Paddy Quacker

Vegas Baby: “Is that Lady Liberty behind me?”

Paddy Quacker: “It’s probably just a mirage.”

Vegas Baby: “I guess it’s time to call it a night?”

Paddy Quacker and Vegas Baby: “Nah.”

Welcome to Astoria

Something is amiss in Astoria Park! Why are the Pope and Devil Ducks waddling around the infamous Hell Gate Bridge?

Welcome to Astoria

And what is happening here-ah? In the house of the Lord-ah?!

Welcome to Astoria Church

Stay tuned to find out in Duckshow’s next pro-duck-tion called “Welcome to Astoria.”

Batduck and Robin in “Poker Face.”

Deep in the bowels of Gotham City the Riddler schemes to take down Batduck and take over the city…

Riddler: I’ll just leave this riddle here for Batduck….then I’ll make my way to the Video Music Awards and wait for him. Heehee haha heehee!

poker face 1

…and off he goes-the Riddler is up to something very “fowl.”

Riddler: Ahaha hee hee!

poker face 2

As Batduck and Robin fly through the air to protect the city they spy the large card below.

Batduck: Look, Robin! It appears to be a riddle on a card….looks like the Riddler has been around here.

Robin: What does it say?

Batduck: It says, “How do you wake up Duckie Gaga?”

Robin: Well that’s easy, Batduck…..”Poker” face.

Batduck: Looks like the Riddler is after Duckie Gaga…and it’s on an 8 card which means he’s going to be at the VMA’s at 8pm….to poke Duckie Gaga in the face! We better get down there!

poker face 3

meanwhile at the VMA’s…

Duckie Gaga: Hello, little monsters! I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time!

Riddler: Ahaha hee hee!

poker face 4

Batduck: Ah ha! Riddler! We meet again!

Riddler: Riddle me this, Batduck…What did the Batduck forget to do when the Riddler went to smack him?

Duckie Gaga: Duck!

Riddler: That is correct, Duckie Gaga!

Duckie Gaga: No, Duck, Batduck!

poker face 5

PoW! BaM! QwAcK! SmAcK!

Batduck saves the day and the Duckie Gaga! And the Riddler goes waddling off as fast as he can…..for now that is…

poker face 6

Duckie Gaga: Thank you, Batduck. I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me, papa, paparazzi!

Batduck: I’m kinda thirsty. Can you spare me a soda?

And Batduck saves the day….for now…what will the Riddler have planned next for Batman? Find out in the next episode…….

poker face 7

~The End~

Whispers in the Palace…

Here ye! Here ye! At long last, Duckshow finally presenteth “Whispers in the Palace.” ‘Tis a parody of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” with a twist. Enjoy!

One More Teaser…..

More scenes from the next majestic duck flick! Here ye! Here ye! ‘Tis going to be full of merriment and farce!

Stay tuned!!


Palace Gossip


Please enjoy another shot from the next stop motion duck flick by Duckshow….this time from the palace. What is all the quacking about? Find out soon!

Surely You Jest!

What quackery doth cometh to the Duckshire? Stay tuned for the latest duck flick…..coming soon to Duckshow!

Jester: “Uh oh…Something is amiss in the shire!”


Explorer Duck in London….Take 2


Explorer Duck has been traveling now for a year! Last we saw her, she was in Venice, Italy. And now she has headed back to Jolly Old England for a second time to see even more sites! Check out her recent adventures on flickr by clicking here. Enjoy!

Photos by Jennifer.

Rubber Duck Adventures at Comic Con

The ducks had a few adventures of their own at Comic Con. Lets’s see what capers the little quacky crusaders got themselves into!

Super D: “DC Comics! My favorite!”

Watch out behind you, Ninja! Here comes Batgirl!

Watch out above, Ninja! Here comes Batman!

Ninja duckie: “They are no match for me as I am quick….like a ninja…probably because I AM a ninja!”

Super D: “What’s this? Kryptonite? Who’s idea was this!!?”

Perhaps the evil guy in the background has something to do with it…..

Count Duckula: “I can’t take you anywhere, Zombie! We go to comic con and you come back with Wonder Woman’s head? Come on, dude.”

The Purr-fect Crime….Part 2

Last we left our caped crusaders, Catwoman was luring in Batduck with her feline charm….

Catwoman: “Well hello Batduck. You’re catnip to a girl like me….fetching, allurrrrr-ing, and to die for…..and I have 9 lives.”

Robin: “Batduck! Snap out of it! Riddler has run off with the Yellow Diamond Duckie!”

Catwoman: “Heeheeheehee, purrrrrrr, quack!”

Batduck: “Oh…sorry. I was under her feline spell, I suppose. Where do you suppose he has waddled now, Robin?”

Robin: “I’m glad you asked, Batduck. The Riddler just texted  another riddle. It says, WHY SHOULD YOU NEVER PLAY HIDE AND SEEK WITH A DUCK?”

Batduck: “That’s easy…..BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE A PEKIN. Get it, Robin?…It’s word play.”

Robin: “That’s Cheesy.”

Batduck: “I know…..but back to the riddle….Pekin duck…..Pekin….Pe…king! The King! Duckingham Palace! We better get there before he causes more trouble at the Palace!”

Riddler: “Ah, Duckingham Palace. Soon you shall be mine…but first I must defeat the Batduck!”

Batduck: “Give back the Yellow Diamond Duckie!”

Riddler: “What do I get in return?”

Batduck: “Not getting a swift kick in the tail feathers with my webbed foot!”

Riddler: “That’s not a fair trade!”

Batduck: “Then it looks like feathers are going to fly!”

Riddler: “Bring it!”

BaM! KaPoW! ZaP! ZoNk! QuAcKkkKkK!!!!

Batduck: “Don’t mess with the Batduck! Why do you never learn, Riddler?”

Riddler: “You may have won this time, Batduck…but I’ll be back!”

Batduck: “Maybe next time you can text Robin some less cheesy riddles. Haha.”

Duckess: “Thanks for saving the day, Batduck!” *Smoooooooooooooch*

Batduck: “Anytime, Duckess.” *blush*