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Street Duck

Street Duck: *whistling* “Wasn’t me.”

Here Comes the Weekend!

Choo Choo Duck

Like a speeding subway train, the weekend is finally here! Woo! Woooooo!

Tagging the Range

“Pardon me, you can’t just go ’round taggin’ up the range.”

Street Duck is at it again….this time in Seattle

Street Duck tag

“Fits in very nicely. Good thing I am quick like a ninja. Quack!” Street Duck makes sure the coast is clear after leaving his mark. Street Duck: “This looks like a nice place for a stick up.”  

Street Duck leaves his mark around Manhattan

“Hello, I’m Street Duck and I’ve been displaying my handy work all over Manhattan on ‘Hello my name is’ nametags.” “Celebrities seem to like my name tags. Here is Amy Winehouse posing with my name tag.” “Here I am on the Upper West Side. I decided to display my name tag on the subway entrance….