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Quacky Labor Day!

Labor Day duck

Austroducks Visits NYC

Mozart duckcake

It’s been six years since Duckshow met up with creator of the Austroducks, Rudolf Doppelbauer. My how time “flies!” Austroducks is a line of Austrian themed rubber ducks…. Mozart and Sigmund Freud are among the eleven different styles from the collection. But it doesn’t stop there. There are also socks, cufflinks and stick pins with…

Quacky Father’s Day!

Father's Day

Dos Duckies

Dos Duckies

“I don’t always quack….. but when I do, I ‘quack’ open a Dos Duckies.” Quacky Cinco De Mayo from the most interesting DUCK in the world. “Stay quacky , my friends.”

Cinco de Mayo is upon us!

Cinco de Mayo ducks

Spring has Sprung!

spring ducks

April showers bring May flowers

april showers ducks

So You Think You Can Quack.

SO You Think You Can Quack

Reality Show Shenanigans…. with ducks, of course.

The Last Supper

Last supper duck

Hippity Hoppity

Easter ducks