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Nut Quackers

nut quackers

Nutcrackers: “Give us your nuts, or else.” Gingerbread ducks: “Gingerbread is nut free, you nutty crackers. You won’t find one nut anywhere around here. Maybe you should try Candyland. I hear they have peanut m&m’s there.” Nutcrackers: “Sounds quackers, but we’ll give it a try. To Candyland!”  

Quacky Hanukkah!

Hanukkah ducks


Walking in a Winter Gingerland

Gingerbread land

If there was a land where some gingerbread rubber ducks lived, then this would be it. Just saying…

Meanwhile, over in Peppermint Land….

Peppermint ducks

Peppermint Duck #1: “Wanna have another mint chocolate chip Hershey’s bar?” Peppermint Duck #2: “Does a Gummy Bear poop in the woods? Of course I do!”

There was something a little different about Rudolf this year…..

XXL Rudolf


Feliz Naviduck!

Feliz Naviduck

Quacky Black “Thursday”

Black Thursday

Pilgrim: “Ho ho ho! Happy Thanksgiving!    

Quacks-giving is upon us


Turduck: “Don’t get any ideas, guys.”

Cornucopias are Just Ducky


Quacky Veteran’s Day!

Veteran's day