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Cornucopias are Just Ducky


Quacky Veteran’s Day!

Veteran's day

Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the park

Fall is just ducky :)

fall ducks

Quacky Halloween!

Halloween ducks

Quacky Candy Corn day!

American Horror Story…..Squeak Show

Squeak Show

Night of the Living Duck

Night of the Living Duck


Mad Scientists

Mad Scientist Duck: “Come on in so I can pick your brains.”

Halloween is upon us!

Halloween ducks

Mwah ha haaaaaa, quack!

More From Comic Con 2014

Queen of Hearts duck

Here’s a little more of the quackiness from Comic Con 2014: Spidey meets Spidey! A red head gets “zapped” by a rubber duck! Lady America gets “zapped” by a duck too! Spider duck is served. And, of course….I couldn’t let the ducks have all the fun…. so I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts…….