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Ducktown Tavern Adventures

Tartyann: “This way! This way, Cheese! Look what I have found!” Tartyann: “It’s a duck tavern right in the heart of Atlantic City! Hee!” Cheese: “Wow! Ducktown Tavern! How did they know we were coming?!” Tartyann: “And they are open 24 hours! Sounds like my kind of place! Heehee!” Tartyann: “And there are rules to…

Atlantic City Adventures

Poker Duck: “All aboard the ACES train! It’s off to AC we go, quack!” Poker Duck: “Now……off to the casino for a little Texas Hold ‘em!” Ducksino: “Come in this house if you are a high rolling double down duck!” Vegas Baby: “Don’t mind if I do!” Cheese Duck: “Looks like we are on our…

Hold My Duck: Street Spiderman

Hollywood “street Spiderman” holds the infamous Cheese rubber duck.

Senseis Save the Day

HiYa Duck: “I am the sensei!”Kung Pao Duck: “No! I am sensei!” HiYa: “This town is not big enough for the both of us!”Kung Pao: “Then you leave! You just bloated bird full of hot air!”It looks like there may be a karate chop showdown……Cue music of The Good The Bad and The Ugly… And…

Hold My Duck: New York’s Bravest

One of New York’s Bravest FDNY fire fighters holds a fire fighting rubber duck.

Chillin’ on the stoop

M.C. Quacker (on the right): “I’m on a boat motherducker take a look at me, Straight flowing on a boat on the deep blue sea, Busting five knots, wind whipping out my coat, You can’t stop me motherducker cause I’m on a boat.” Ducky D. (on the left): “Rhyming is easy fosheezy.”

Duckfest from a rubber duck’s perspective

Ever wonder what Duckfest would be like from a rubber duck’s perspective? Of course you have. And here on Duckfest we will happily go to there………..Cheese Duck: “All those tasty treats over there are starting to make my beak water. I must get right over there before all the duck collectors do!” Cheese Duck: “Duck…

More Scenes from Duckfest

A friendly game of duck stacking. Duckfest in full swing. Some of the official Duckfest ducks. Some of the ducks for sale. More ducks for sale. Two buck ducks. Some of the duck decor. Duck cookies! Thanks for the delicious cookies, Lucy! Additional thanks to Lucy, Shelly, and Winston for taking these wonderful pictures!

Duckfest 09

Thanks to everyone who came out to Duckfest 09! It was a pleasure and a duckie delight to host the annual duck collector’s convention here in NYC! Here is what the venue looked like just before the fest: The games and fabulous prizes table: The duckcakes. This picture was taken by my good friend, Shelly….

Five more days till Duckfest!