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More Infomercial Fun


MC Quacker: “We’re melting gold, baby.”

Hairclub For Ducks!


Zorro Duck’s Boardwalk Adventure

Zorro Duck finds trouble on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Who Arrrrrrrre the perpetrators this time? Who will need his help? Will it be “Snucki” (short for Snooki Duck)? Stay tuned later this week for another adventure of Zorro Duck….this time on the Jersey shore.

Shake Weight Now For Ducks!


What’s next? Snuggie for ducks? Why not!


Something fowl is in the air tonight. Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaa.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Journey to Duck Pond Little Surfer Ducklings: “Are we there yet….are we there, yet?” Mother Surf Duck: “Not much farther to the duck pond.”

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Quacky Easter

Sherlock arrives on the scene of the chocolate bunny crime in hopes of ‘quacking’ the case wide open. Sherlock: “Have you two ducks seen any suspicious activity around here?” Ducks: “No….er..uh….No, but we’ll keep an ‘eye’ out.”

Quacky April Fools

It seems Duckerball was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Peep” Show

….more fun with Easter candy…and ducks, of course.