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Rubber Duck Parody on Octomom

April Fool’s Day Adventures

With temperatures almost reaching 60 degrees today, Cheese Duck decided to go for a nice waddle in the city. Unfortunately a group of prankster devils decided to follow Cheese and play some April Fool’s Day jokes on the clueless duck. Cheese Duck: “Why do I feel like I am being followed…?” Little did the Devils…

“Kiss me I’m Irish!”

….”Well, I’m not really Irish…but I like cabbage and potatoes!”

It’s Nanerpus!


“You can call me Nanerpus, Nanerpus. And guess what? I love Duckies!”

“Will You Be My Valentine?”

Westminster Dog Show Adventures

Cheese Duckie: “Hello! I’m at here at Westminster trying not to squeak and be mistaken for a chew toy! Right here the English bulldogs are competing for best in breed. I have never seen so many sexy bitches in one place at one time! Bow (chick-a) wow wow!” Duckhound: “Release the hounds! They are all…

Duckshow at the Dog Show

Who will win Best in Show at the Annual Westminster Dog Show? Stay tuned for the ducks’ dog show adventures! Let’s just hope they don’t get confused for a squeaky dog toy!

Happy Chinese New Year!

HiYa’s words of wisdom for the year of the ox….”Don’t waste your time or time will waste you!”….and “Gong Xi Fa Cai!”

Happy New Year!!

“Here’s to a prosperous and rockin’ 2009!”

Duck of Fame

What would a trip to Hollywood be without a trip down the Hollywood walk of fame?ALFRED HITCHCOCKCheese (duck): Ahhhh! No more showers for me! Don’t look up! There are killer birds up there! BIG BIRDCheese: Can You tell me how to get to Sesame Street? VANNA WHITECheese: I’d like to buy a vowel, please. CHUCK…