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Quack To School

The End of Summer is Here

The ducks go for one last swim in the pond. “Are we there yet?”

Top Ten Reasons To Collect Rubber Ducks

10. They are cheaper than other collectables…like jewelry, art, cars, china, and shoes.9. They don’t break.8. They make bathtime so much fun.7. They are not creepy like dolls.6. They are low maintenance. They only need a little dusting off now and then. 5. They aren’t as obnoxious as snow globes.4. They promote happiness. No one…

Carnie ducks go to the Amsterdam Ave street festival in NYC

“What’s a two headed duck gotta do to get a funnel cake around here?” “A street fair wouldn’t be complete without some sort of deep fried cookie/snack cake/candy bar.” Quack Remedy? “Step right up to Dr. Pickle! We’ve got the cure for you!” “Heehee! I am a quack up at the street festival with all…

Can I help you enjoy that Snickers Bar?

rubber duck snickers parody

“Happy peanuts soar over chocolate covered mountaintops and waterfalls of caramel. Prancing nougat in a meadow sings a song of satisfaction to the worrrrrrrld!……the world.”

Duck Jockey