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Feeling Floral

daisy duck

It’s a happy little daisy duck frolicking in floral bliss! April showers bring May flowers

Tip Toe Through the…Hydrangeas.

daisy duck

Tiptoe Through the Hydrangeas

flowers duck


Daisy Chain

Daisy duck

Hope everyone’s summer is just ducky!

Zorro Duck in “The Case of the Bird Flu Pandemic”

Dr. Canardo: “Ah ha ha haaaaa! I have concocted a special brew of bird flu for you, Quacker Jack!” QuackerJack: “With this I shall wipe out the flock and take over Duckhattan!” Quacker Jack: “Bird flu for everyone! Ha ha ha ha haaaa!” Ducks: “Ahhhhhhhh!” Quacker Jack: “Ah, this should be fun. Hello there, Sweetbeaks….