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The Great British Duck Race Sets a New Wolrd’s Record

great british duck race See more fantastic pictures of the race taken by Mairead Bushe here.

Yesterday 250,000 blue rubber ducks were released into the Thames River to race for UK charities including WaterAid, The Down’s Syndrome Association and NSPCC. A new World Record was set for the most rubber ducks raced together beating last year’s record of 165,000-also set on the Thames River.

The blue racing ducks were a striking color change from the traditional yellow ducks that are normally raced. The blue ducks were certainly attention-grabbing, but that was not the sole reason the blue colored ducks were chosen for the race. Apparently people were throwing their own uinofficial yellow ducks into the race last year!

The ducks were 2 pounds each, with the owner of the winning duck getting 10,000 pounds. Last year over 100,000 pounds were raised for charities. I can only imagine how many ducks will be raced next year, and what color rubber ducks will race down the Thames River.

The End of Summer is Here

The ducks go for one last swim in the pond. “Are we there yet?”

Vegas Baby meets one of her siblings, N’ton.

(N’ton on the left and Vegas Baby on the right.)

A couple of years ago hundreds of these small ducks with red neckties were mailed to people on every corner of the globe. Recipients of the ducks were to photograph their duck in their location in a unique and interesting way. Then the photos were to be posted on a flickr (a photo sharing site)group called “The Duck Project.” The goal of this project was to get a duck to someone in every city of every country on the globe.

I was intrigued by this project and asked to have one sent to me in Las Vegas (where I was living at the time). A week later, a little duck with a red necktie was sitting in my mailbox in a brown envelope. I opened the envelope and out came a duck…flatter than a pancake! I thought that the duck had melted because it was August and we were having temperatures over 100 degrees! I immediately put it into a cold bath to try to get it to pop back into shape. It remained flat, so I poked a little hole in the bottom of the duck and blew some air into it. Soon, after a combination of the material cooling down and me giving it “rubber duckie CPR” the little duck popped back to shape. Whew! That was a relief!

Next, I needed a name for my duck. Being a representative of Las Vegas, I decided to name it Vegas Baby. Then I took pictures of Vegas Baby living the Vegas lifestyle. Some people in Vegas go to casinos to gamble. Never interested in gambling, I went to take pictures of Vegas Baby while trying not to get kicked out of casinos for taking pictures inside them. I also wrote my phone number on the bottom of the duck in case I lost it. I had become somewhat attached to it for all the entertainment it had provided me!

Now, two years later I have relocated to NYC. Vegas Baby doesn’t get too many photo ops these days, but I do still visit Vegas and take the duck with me when I go for pictures for old times sake. I also take Vegas Baby to any place that has a casino for fun pictures.

Just last week a flickr friend of mine from France came to NYC for a business trip and also had one of the many Duck Project ducks! We met up for the first time in person. She had her duck with her and we got pictures of both of the ducks together. She named her duck N’ton-a shortened nickname for rubber duck in French. She has taken many pictures of N’ton, as well. It was like a little reunion. And I met a wonderful friend because of the duck!

Top Ten Reasons To Collect Rubber Ducks

10. They are cheaper than other collectables…like jewelry, art, cars, china, and shoes.
9. They don’t break.
8. They make bathtime so much fun.
7. They are not creepy like dolls.
6. They are low maintenance. They only need a little dusting off now and then.
5. They aren’t as obnoxious as snow globes.
4. They promote happiness. No one gets pissed off and throws a duck. Doesn’t happen.
3. What are the odds of a burglar breaking into your house and taking your stash of rubber ducks? (Not very likely).
2. Because they are like Lays Potato Chips…you can’t stop after having one.
1. Because they are for everybody at any age anywhere on the globe.

Million Dollar Duck Race

On August 6, approximately 25,000 rubber ducks took the plunge into the East River and raced from the Brooklyn Bridge to South Street Seaport for the 2008 Duck Race! The race was a charity benefit for the Special Olympics. It was quite a spectacle watching all the ducks as they made a mad dash for the finish line. We adopted a few ducks for the race. Although our ducks did not finish first, we had a spectacular time rooting them on.

To see more pictures of the event and a play by play of the race click here

Duckfest 2008

Duckfest was the highlight of my duckie year! It began with a short drive just outside of Seattle to Marysville. I arrived to the event to find duckies everywhere! There was even a duckie walkway! Then after meeting other rubber duck collectors, we played a few duck themed games. Pin the horn on the devil duck, duck trivia and duck decorating. There was even a large jar of filled with duckies, and the person who could guess the # of duckies in the jar got the duckies….and there were over 100 of them! The winners of those games had a duck off in the form of duck balancing. It was good squeaky fun!

There was also buying and selling of rubber ducks. Between Ride the Ducks of Seattle and Duckfest I had to leave some clothing behind to fit all the ducks in my suitcase for the ride home!

And a beautiful duckie shaped cake, duck shaped cookies, and duck “quackers” were served at Duckfest.

I had so much fun, I can hardly wait for next year’s Duckfest!


Flying the Friendly Skies

A little behind the scenes action on Duckshow

Famed duck director Steven Duckberg dicusses the best way to shoot Duck Satriani’s music video with Duckie D.P. See a picture captured from the shoot on flickr.

Getting squeaky clean

“I like a bath. But, sometimes I like a shower.”