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Duckfest 2008

Duckfest was the highlight of my duckie year! It began with a short drive just outside of Seattle to Marysville. I arrived to the event to find duckies everywhere! There was even a duckie walkway! Then after meeting other rubber duck collectors, we played a few duck themed games. Pin the horn on the devil duck, duck trivia and duck decorating. There was even a large jar of filled with duckies, and the person who could guess the # of duckies in the jar got the duckies….and there were over 100 of them! The winners of those games had a duck off in the form of duck balancing. It was good squeaky fun!

There was also buying and selling of rubber ducks. Between Ride the Ducks of Seattle and Duckfest I had to leave some clothing behind to fit all the ducks in my suitcase for the ride home!

And a beautiful duckie shaped cake, duck shaped cookies, and duck “quackers” were served at Duckfest.

I had so much fun, I can hardly wait for next year’s Duckfest!


Flying the Friendly Skies

A little behind the scenes action on Duckshow

Famed duck director Steven Duckberg dicusses the best way to shoot Duck Satriani’s music video with Duckie D.P. See a picture captured from the shoot on flickr.

Getting squeaky clean

“I like a bath. But, sometimes I like a shower.”

A nice day to hang out on the stoop.

Manhattan Baby Doll (Hattie for short) hung out on the stoop with some lucky ducks today because the weather was so nice.

“Hey there lucky ducks, would ya mind picking me up a lotto ticket today?”

Duck Soup for the Soul

I have been listening to this song called “All the Same” that makes me smile and inspired this picture:

Duckshow on Crave

What a wonderful day it has been for the ducks. They were featured on Crave! Crave is a blog “about gorgeous gadgets and other crushworthy stuff.” All 333 ducks quacked with excitement.

“Hee hee hee!”
Hey, that’s not Zorro Duck! Who is that masked duck?…..With that cheesy smile, it can only be one duck….Cheese!

The First Day of Spring

Now, if we could only get some spring weather.

Academy Awards Countdown

“It was my fault. I was the one that said “keep going south.” I was the one who said that we were not lost. It was my fault, because it was my project. I don’t know what’s out there. We are all just sitting ducks!”

Up To Their Beaks In Snow

“Shall we build a snowman?”