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Baseball season is upon us

Batter up, duck!


Jim Quackigan: “What’s interesting about bologna is that it’s not only a meat-it’s an insult. ‘You’re full of bologna!’ That kind of implies that bologna makes you lie. I eat bologna all the time….or maybe I don’t. That’s just the bologna talking….Have you seen the bologna that has the olives in it? Who’s that for? ‘I like my bologna like a martini..with an olive.’..’I'll have the bologna sandwich..DIRTY!”

I love comedy bits from Jim Gaffigan. His jokes are like a Hot Pocket party in my mouth. Catch his entire stand up tonight at 9pm on Comedy Central.

Summer is upon us…..I think.

“Did you bring any sunscreen? I don’t want to roast out here.”

My friend Yocheved recently went to Hawaii and brought me back a cute little Hawaiian duck! I named it “Quack Colada.”

Not every duckie got to bask in the sun today. For example, some ducks from Wonderduck’s Pond got an unexpected surprise.

“Uh Oh!”

Slam “Duck”

Ducky D: “I’ve got more bounce to the ounce. Yeah. That’s for shizzle cuz I’m D to the Ducky Dizzle, my nizzle.”

Buzzing around the city

Bee: “Spring is just around the corner!”

It’s Nanerpus!

“You can call me Nanerpus, Nanerpus.
And guess what?
I love Duckies!”

Evil Tales

“Once upon a time there was an evil man. He was a cook. His name was Wolfgang Duck and he didn’t get that name for nothing!”

“Duckie”Bowl 43

Who will win? The Steelers or the Cardinals? Only a few more hours untill we find out!

Quacky Inauguration Day 09