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More Infomercial Fun

MC Quacker: “We’re melting gold, baby.”

Hairclub For Ducks!

Color was Lurking in the Shadows

“I get the feeling we are being followed.”

Shake Weight Now For Ducks!

What’s next? Snuggie for ducks? Why not!


Something fowl is in the air tonight. Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaa.

Poker Face

Poker Face Rubber Duck

Poker Duck: “Mum mum mum mahhhhh.”

Duck Soup For The Soul

“Peep” Show

….more fun with Easter candy…and ducks, of course.

Weekend Quackiness

Duck-tor Quack: “There….That should ‘wrap’ it up. You should re’cover’ in no time.”

Thanks for the mummy duck, Erin :)

I Wanna Quack ‘N’ Roll All Night …

Kiss Demon Celbriducj rubber duck

Celebriduck transforms celebrities into rubber ducks. Here is their take on KISS, the Demon Duck.