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Dark Chocolate Comedy

Clearly, Stewart needed to learn some boundaries.

All Ears

Chocolate Bunny: “I’m a basket case this time of year!”

Chocolate Duckies: “Tell us more…we’re all ears…..well mostly.”

Spring is Here!

Today is the first day of spring! Nothing like a little stroll through the park to kick it off!

Bee Duck: “Buzz, buzz, quack!”

Kiss Me I’m Irish!

Here Comes St. Paddy!

Cheese Duck: “Grab your shamrocks and your Irish cheer because St. Paddy’s is headed our way in less than a week…….And don’t forget yer lucky ducky!”

Ri-duck-ulously Cute!

This is Miss Daffy D. Duck taking a bath. And….she has her rubber duckie, of course ;) It doesn’t get much cuter than that! You can see more of Daffy D. Duck’s adventures on her facebook page. And be sure sure to check out the “Party” pictures. They are hilarious!

Baa Baa Black Sheep (Duck).

Everyone always knew Willard was the black sheep of the flock.

Black Sheep Duck: “Baa Baa, Quack.”


Hellooooooooo Nurse!

HiYa Duck and the Toy Store Monchichi’s

HiYa Duck: “For the last time, I will not pull your fingers!”

A Duck Walks into a Bar….

A Canadian duck walks into a bar, on the stool next to him is some footwear. The duck says to the bartender, “What’s this – a boot?”