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My Adventures at Comic Con

Since so many people dress up as their favorite comic/sci-fi/anime character at Comic Con, I decided to do so too! It had to be duck themed (of course)….so who better than one of the characters from Darkwing Duck! I decided to go as Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard. Just in case you aren’t familiar with this Darkwing character here is a picture of Gosalyn:

And here I am as Gosalyn Mallard:

Since I was dressed up as Gosalyn Mallard, I decided to drop by James Silvani’s table in Artist Alley. James Silvani is the illustrator for Darkwing Duck. He got a kick out of my costume and autographed a collectable Darkwing Duck book:

He even drew a picture of Gosalyn! I was thrilled!

I got a quick pic with Silvani and I was off to conquer the Con! (Yes, that is a beak around my neck ;)

I decided to kick it in the Death Star with Stormie and Darth for a while…..

Then I posed for a goofy picture in front of the GI Joe sign. Would Hasbro approve?

Then I jumped in a shot with some other Comic Con characters. On the count of three, everyone say “Comic Con!”

It was an a “marvel”ous day, and to top it all off, I ended up getting a few ducks at the Only Ducks booth! More ducks to add to the ever growing collection!

Three of them are characters from Legend, and the fourth one is a zombie. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the little Wonder Woman head in it’s mouth being that I bought it at Comic Con. You can also purchase these ducks from the Only Ducks website.

Diamond in the Rough

Here’s a little stop motion duck flick to celebrate the start of Comic Con! Enjoy!

Duckie Badger

If you haven’t seen the “honey badger” video on youtube, you must go see it here.  Its bizarre humor has made it extremely popular-so popular in fact-that the honey badger stars on a the “Wonderful Pistachios get crackin” commercial on television:

In true Duckshow form I decided that it needed a little ducking up. So, may I present…….The Duckie Badger.

This is the “Duckie Badger.” It’s pretty bad@ss. It waddles all over the place. The Duckie Badger has been referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fearless animal in the all the animal kingdom. It really doesn’t give a …..

“Whoa! Watch Out!!” says that bird.

Ewww, what’s that in it’s mouth? A mouse? Oh, that’s nasty….

Oh, it’s chasing a zeeeebra!

Look, here comes a fierce battle between a king cobra and the Duckie Badger. I wonder what’ll happen…

Duckie Badger just takes what it wants because the Duckie Badger don’t care. Duckie Badger don’t give a …. He loves those snacks!


Super Duck: “I have the cape. I’m supposed to make the ‘woosh’ noises!”

Punny Tweets

Superhero Duckie: “I swear if Joker tweets one more bad pun, I’m going to unfollow him.”

Another Sign of the Times..

Wonder Woman Duck: “My invisible jet was really bad for the environment so I got rid of it. After all, I am a duck…I CAN fly”

A Sign of the Times

Batduck: “The location of the Bat Cave is supposed to be top secret so stop checking in on Foursquare, Robin!”


Grad Duck: “Pass go and collect 200 duck bucks!”

Ducksino Royale

James Pond: “The name’s Pond, James Pond. And I have a license to thrill.”

James Pond: “I’m looking to play a little Texas Hold ‘Em….beware high rollers, they don’t call me 007 for nothing.”

Fall Is In The Air

The temperatures are cooling off and the candy corn is hitting the shelves, and that means only one thing……fall is here. And here is a little picture to celebrate it starring the Corny Kernel himself:

Corny Kernel: “There’s corn on the loose! It must be fall!”