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NYPD Times Square

Duckie Po-Po: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you quack will be used against you….”


USA Duck loves stars and stripes. He can usually be heard around town patriotically quacking, “USA! USA! USA!” But sometimes he can be caught patriotically quacking other things…..for example:

USA Duck: “NYC! NYC! NYC!”

USA Duck: “MTA! MTA! MTA!”


He’s such a lively little fella! You can get yourself one of these USA Ducks (if you live in the NYC area) at Maxiga on 1204 Lexington Ave between 81st & 82nd Streets. You can also order the duck from Just or

Aliens in the Subway

Wild Bill: “This subway station ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

Aliens in the subway? Good thing Wild Bill is around to take care of those villainous aliens!

Explorer Duck is a featured guest on Quacked Panes

At this point, the little traveling duck (known as Explorer Duck) has traveled around the US, to Europe, and back. Duck collectors everywhere have been hosting her….showing her around their great cities. This time Explorer Duck visits Portland AKA the “city of roses.” Not only does she get a tour of the city, but she also gets featured on the popular web comic (based on Portland) “Quacked Panes.” If you have never read any of the duck comics on Quacked Panes, go there. You will LOL and sometimes even FOYSL (fall out of your seat laughing). Here are a couple of the duck comics from Quacked Panes which feature Explorer Duck:

To see more of the duck comics on Quacked Panes click here. Where will Explorer Duck go next? Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Putting On the Ritz

This spiffy little fella is the bee’s knees…..His name is Duke Duck, but they call him “Dapper Don.”

Dapper Don: “I’m meeting a hotsy-totsy dame under the moon tonite.”

Bessie: “Let’s head out to a swanky little speakeasy and cut a rug!”

Dapper Don: “Sounds like a swell idea to me. Let’s blow this joint, sweetheart.”

Ducktannia Takes Manhattan

In case you haven’t been following Duckshow religiously, I recently added a duck from Opal London-Quackers Collectables to my own collection. I went “quackers” when I first saw the duck (called Ducktannia) because it is so unique. I immediately bought one for my collection. Today I decided to take Ducktannia out for a few photo ops around NYC. I think she quite enjoyed herself. Just see for yourself:

Ducktannia in Rockefeller Center.

Ducktannia: “Or as I like to call it…..Duck-efeller Center.”

Radio City Music Hall.

Ducktannia: “Perhaps they will give me my own show when they hear my whimsical squeak!”

What’s a day in NYC without an obligatory fountain shot?

Ducktannia: “I’m not going for a swim today, darling. I just had my curly coif styled.”

You can get a Ducktannia for your collection, too! Just click here.

Cowducks and Aliens

Cue the music for “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly”………

Love at First Bite

D.U.C.K. in Central Park

Rockstar Duck: “D.U.C.K. in the N.Y.C.”

From the Duckshow Fan Page

I usually post my own duck photos to Duckshow, but today I decided to post some pictures from the Duckshow fan page on facebook that I am a huge fan of!

This photograph was taken by Shelly Stein. She is a good duck buddy of mine and fellow rubber duck photographer ;) She and I are sometimes partners in crime…running around Gotham City snapping pictures of rubber ducks in fountains of wherever else might make an interesting picture.

The picture above was taken by my duck buddy Alena Loiselle  from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. She took this picture of her duck in front of Stonehenge! Let me tell you, that is one lucky ducky! The duck has been to the Loch Ness in Scotland, too! What a well traveled duck!

This last picture is from The Bath Tub Diva. She posted it because she thought her little hula duck, named Princess Poopoolie, would make a good match with my little hula duck from this previous post… here to see the post. I think they would be a match made in duckie heaven. Aloha!