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Hockey Anyone?

Strawberry Fields Forever

In memory of John Lennon.


Robber duckie: “Careful, Jailbird duckie, this guy goes straight for the nuts.”

Prehistoric Snow

Betty Duck: “I don’t think we are in Bedrock anymore!”

Snow Dance

Chief Thunder Beak: “Oh..FOUR steps to the left and THEN three to the right…..what kind of dance was I doing?

More Quack Park Fun

Kyle: “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!”

Stan: “You B@#%tards!”

Quack Park

Kyle: “Dude, Cartman, look! Your mom is on the cover of Quack Whore magazine!”
Cartman: “Ey!”
Kenny: “Mmmm mmm m mmmm.”
Stan: “Ahahaha.”
Cartman: “Scr*w you guys, I’m going home.”

Wolverine comes to Duckland

Wolverine Duck: “Don’t mess with me, buddy. I can slice through steel like a hot knife through butter!”

Snuggie for Ducks!

From the folks who brought you Shake Weight for Ducks and Hair Club for Ducks!, it’s the finest in backwards robes…..for ducks!  Hey – winter is just around the corner and a duck’s gotta keep warm, too!

More Infomercial Fun

MC Quacker: “We’re melting gold, baby.”