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Quacky Friday!

Bob the Billduck in NYC

It’s Friday, so here’s a little joke to start off the weekend….as told by Bob the Billduck…..

Bob the Billduck: “I just saw King Kong and asked him to give me a lift to the top of the Empire State Building……but he told me he couldn’t because he had a plane to catch.”

If you build it, they will come.

Bob the Billdick

Bob the Billduck: “Let’s see here……As soon as the outside of the building is done, I shall order 100 bathtubs and 500 cases of bubble bath….and some hot tubs for the penthouses on the top floors….”

Bob the Billduck builds a building

Bob the Billduck: “….and in the courtyard…..a nice sized pool. That ought to do it. A duck’s gotta prioritize this construction so they will come…..the rubber ducks, that is .”

Radio City Music Hall Birdie

James Pond Radio City

James Pond: “The name’s Pond. James Pond. And I have a license to thrill.”

Summer is Here!

surfing ducks

Ducklings: “Are we there yet, are we there yet?”

Surf Duck: “Almost! Keep waddling!”

A Duck Doth Rideth Into A Bar…

Sir Quacks-alot: “Whoa, Nelly! Methinks I will fetch an ale! What say you?”

Scenes from Duck-efeller Center

Cheese Duck: “Greetings from Duck-efeller Center. This looks like a nice place for a swim.”

You Talkin’ To Me?

Remember “Taxi Driver” with Robert De Niro? I saw this on and had to share it! You talkin’ to me?…..or is it…..You quackin’ to me?

Words of Wisdom From the Beak of a Sensei

The sensei gives some words of advice to the ducklings before they head out into the world…..

“Kill not the goose that lays the golden eggs, grasshoppers.”

Gifts all the way from Vegas from Just Ducky!!

A couple of days ago, it was my birthday. I was planning to go to Vegas and go crazy….meet up with Just Ducky and perhaps even get a rubber duck tattoo whilst getting showgirls and Elvises to hold my ducks….but flights were so expensive this year that I couldn’t make it. Next year….next year ;) Anyway, Just Ducky had a birthday gift for me and sent it on it’s way to NYC and today I received it! What duck-a-licious surprise could be inside?! Let’s find out!

Ducks: “Oh look! A package from Just Ducky! What’s in the box! What’s in the box! Let’s find out!”

A rumble was heard from inside the sugar container…..”Let me outta hyah! Let me outta hyah!”

Vegas Baby (the little duck for those who aren’t familiar): “Hey, give me a hand… wing….and let’s pry this thing open!”

Sugar Baby (that’s the name I’ve given the new duck): “Whew! What a long flight. It’s nice to finally be able to stretch out ma wings!”

Thank you so much for the gifts, Just Ducky! I love the Sugar Factory and the duck! Next year the duck and I can come out next year and visit! Woohoo!


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