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Ducksino Royale

James Pond: “The name’s Pond, James Pond. And I have a license to thrill.”

James Pond: “I’m looking to play a little Texas Hold ‘Em….beware high rollers, they don’t call me 007 for nothing.”

Fall Is In The Air

The temperatures are cooling off and the candy corn is hitting the shelves, and that means only one thing……fall is here. And here is a little picture to celebrate it starring the Corny Kernel himself:

Corny Kernel: “There’s corn on the loose! It must be fall!”

Burger Bing

Duckie: “Can I still have it my way?”

Remembering 9/11

….with ducks, of course.

Ducks: “Never forget!”

Labor Day Weekend

The summer is coming to an end…..and before they know it, the ducks will be up to their beaks in snow….they will be skiing down Mount Astoria….and they’ll be quacking holiday tunes. But before all of this begins to happen, some of the flock are headed out for one last summer hooorah. Where are they going for this holiday weekend?

Perhaps on a boat?

Cheese Duck: “I’m on a boat!”

Perhaps to the beach?

Duckphin: “Whistle, Click, Quack!”

Or perhaps even gambling somewhere?

Poker Duck: “Come on! Mama needs a new bathtub!”

Stay tuned to find out where the ducks find themselves this weekend!

Quacking is Okay.

Butterfly Duck: “Good thing I’m not a goose! Honking is expensive!”

Stars and Stripes Forever

Just a couple of fun shots with a couple of stars and stripes ducks. Uncle Sam would be proud ;)


I love photography, and every so often I buy new toys for my camera. And when I do, I usually use one of my ducks as a model. They make great models because they don’t move or have any diva demands ;) Anyway-I thought I’d share this starry picture that came from one of my new photography toys :)

Spider Duck

Spider Duck, Spider Duck, does whatever a Spider Duck does……

I got this little fella today at Michaels (arts and crafts store) for a buck! There are quite a few styles of ducks there if you take a look around!

A Duck Walks Into a Subway…

I love stand up comedy almost as much as I love ducks. Mitch Hedberg was one of the greatest comedians of our time (in my opinion). Here’s a little joke of his that always makes me laugh….and it’s about ducks, of course….

Once I saw a duck walking down the street so I went into Subway and ordered two pieces of bread, and they informed me that they could not do that…So the woman asked me what I wanted on the sandwich and I said, “I do not care, it is for a duck,” and she said, “oh then it’s free.” I was not aware that ducks eat for free at Subway. So I said, “give me a chicken fajita sub, but don’t worry about ringing it up, it is for a duck.”