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Quack Park

Kyle: “Dude, Cartman, look! Your mom is on the cover of Quack Whore magazine!”
Cartman: “Ey!”
Kenny: “Mmmm mmm m mmmm.”
Stan: “Ahahaha.”
Cartman: “Scr*w you guys, I’m going home.”

Wolverine comes to Duckland

Wolverine Duck: “Don’t mess with me, buddy. I can slice through steel like a hot knife through butter!”

Snuggie for Ducks!

From the folks who brought you Shake Weight for Ducks and Hair Club for Ducks!, it’s the finest in backwards robes…..for ducks!  Hey – winter is just around the corner and a duck’s gotta keep warm, too!

More Infomercial Fun

MC Quacker: “We’re melting gold, baby.”

Hairclub For Ducks!

Color was Lurking in the Shadows

“I get the feeling we are being followed.”

Shake Weight Now For Ducks!

What’s next? Snuggie for ducks? Why not!


Something fowl is in the air tonight. Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaa.

Poker Face

Poker Face Rubber Duck

Poker Duck: “Mum mum mum mahhhhh.”

Duck Soup For The Soul