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A duck walks into a bar…

A duck walks into a bar with jumper cables. The bartender says, “You can come in, but don’t start anything!”

Duckie Sheen

With the all the Charlie Sheen hoopla going on in the media, I just couldn’t help myself. Here’s a little parody….with ducks, of course.

Duckie Sheeen: “I’m tired of not thinkin’ I’m bitchin’ and a total duckin’ rock star from Mars!”

Two of a Kind

A friend of mine recently went to Los Angeles and brought me back a unique gift….a Disney Vinylmation figure (in the shape of Mickey Mouse). Disney’s Vinylmation figures are part of the recent decade’s designer toy explosion  (Kidrobot being one of the most popular producers of the designer toys). These collectable designer toy figures are usually created with all sorts of CrAzY designs on them. Some of them are designed by famous artists and designers-and are highly collectable. The Vinylmation figure that my friend gave me was void of any design. It was blank. What was so unique about that? And-what does this have to do with rubber ducks? Let me explain….I would be putting my creative mind to work and painting my own design on this blank Mickey Vinylmation figure-and-I would be doing it to match the design of one of my favorite ducks. Off to work I went on Little Mickey (the name I gave him….he only stands about 2 inches tall, after all ;) )

Here is the “Before” picture. I added a smile and eyes to him in this picture to complete the vision of the picture-but you get the idea.

And now I present to you…..the “After” picture…the design that was inspired by the duck in this picture:

Little Mickey: “I feel flushed!”

And here is another picture of Mickey and an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ duck from my collection:

Rabbit Duck: “We’re late!”

And the award goes to…..

Duckshow’s tribute to the Academy Awards….

A Duck Walks Into A Bar?

An amnesic duck walks into a bar. He asks the bartender, “Do I come here often?”

A Duck Walks Into A Bar…

A duck walks into a bar and the bartender says to the duck, “Sorry, we don’t serve poultry here.”

The duck replies, “That’s okay, I just wanted a drink.”

Random Valentine’s Day Thoughts….

For Valentine’s Day you either get the gamble chocolates, or those tiny, heart-shaped antacids. “Aw! I know I make you nauseous. Here’s a TUMS with HUG ME written on it!”

A Duck Walks Into A Bar

A Duck Walks into a Bar

A duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender for corn. The bartender says “We have no corn, get out of here.” So the duck leaves. The next day he comes back and asks for corn again, and the bartender says “I told you, we don’t have any corn! Get out!” So the duck leaves. The next day he goes in again and asks for corn, and the bartender says, “For the last time, we don’t have corn! If you ever come back, I’m going to nail those webbed feet of yours to the floor!” So the duck leaves. The next day the duck comes and asks, “Do you have any nails?” The bartender says, “No, of course not. Why would a bar have nails?” The duck then says, “Good. Can I have some corn?
Happy Friday!

Fun With Backdrops

Is it spring yet? As the winter drags on, it’s been hard for me to get out and take pictures around town so I have been printing out my own backdrops. I saw this one and thought…..hmmm, reminds me of something but I can’t figure out what it is…Then I snapped another shot with a different duck:

Then, I figured it out. It looks like one of those old backdrops in the Olan Mills Kmart photography studio… shown below:

Of course the backdrop is not quite as vibrant in this old photo. Photography has come a long way  since the 70′s, but I still can’t help but love these cheesy backdrops. Looks like I’m going to need one of those wagon wheels.

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunter becomes Duck Hunted.

At first I had never heard of the video game “Duck Hunt.” Surprised? I was. I thought I was well versed in everything surrounding the subject of the duck. Then my good friend Jay Huddy suggested I do a version of it, with rubber ducks of course. After a little research on the game itself, my mind went crazy with a few ideas and the final product was this. Enjoy! Duck Hunt….with a little twist.