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A Duck Walks into a Bar….

A Canadian duck walks into a bar, on the stool next to him is some footwear. The duck says to the bartender, “What’s this – a boot?”

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Or a least a hundred…literally…..

It’s Leap Year!

Kermit the Duck: “Hoppy Leap Year! Ribbit, ribbit, quack!”

Leap Year 2012

This year is leap year.  My friend Joe (who is also the leaper in this pic) really catches some air!

And he does it in style…..wearing an “I duck NY” shirt. Bravo!!

Pics by Joe P.

And the Oscar Goes to….

Who will win an Oscar? “Meryl Squeak? Jean Duck-jardin? Jonah Bill? The Girl with the Quacky Tattoo? Duckyball? The Canard-ist? Only time will tell!

Snakes on a Duck!

Medusa: “Don’t stare at me or I will turn you to stone. I’ve got motherducking snakes on my motherducking head!”

Isn’t this Medusa duck magnificent?! I love this set of mythology ducks by Oriental Trading Company. The set comes with five other styles including Cyclops and Zeus ducks!



Tweet Dreams

Awwwwwe! Cuteness overload! Photo by Carol Hart.

A Duck Walks into a Dive Ar…

Duck: “What do you call a Bohemian who gets kicked out of a bar?….A bounced Czech.”

Just Another Cheesy Wednesday…

Cheese Duck: “Cheese factory explodes in France – nothing left but de Brie.”

It’s Grammy Time!

Axe (for those of you who are not familiar with the product line) sells body spray, shampoo, shower gel and other men’s grooming products. They are known in the world of rubber ducks for their unique, edgy rubber ducks that sometimes come with their products. I was lucky enough to get some of these ducks (they are not the easiest ducks to find) from my friends over at Duck Fever. I was extremely excited to have them for my collection….and these little musician Axe ducks couldn’t be more perfect for a red carpet Grammy Award shot!