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Sensei Says…


HiYa: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single quack.”

Snow Days

ski ducks

Ducks: “Weeeee! Weeeee! Weeeee!”

ski ducks 2

Ducks: “Let’s go ski down the Double “Quack” Diamond trail next!”

The Academy Awards!


Today is the Academy Awards Ceremony! I wonder who will win? Will it be Daniel Duck-Lewis? Hugh Quackman? Denzel Waddleton? Steven Spielbird? Ben Aflac? The suspense is making me quackers!


Paparazzi: “Over here! Over here, Diva Duck! Over here!”

Stuck Duck

rubber ducks snow

Duckslope: “Is it me or is this snow a little deep?”

Duckee Hill: “I’m stuck.”

Duckslope: “This would never happen in the bath tub.”



Street Hockey


Duckey Puck: “Move me, pass me, put me on net- my goal is to be the biscuit in the basket!”


Duck Salutation


“Give a man a duck and he’ll quack for a day. Teach him how to waddle and he’ll quack forever.”


Duck Toast

Duck toast

Happy Sunday everyone! What’s for brunch today, you ask? Why, duck toast of course!

My Ducky Valentine

And now……the moment you’ve all been waiting for. May I present the latest Duckshow creation…….MY DUCKY VALENTINE….


Scenes from “My Ducky Valentine”

Duckshow decided to do something duck-tacular to kick off 20313! It’s been quite a while since the last Duckshow stop motion short film and it just so happens that Valentine’s Day just around the corner. It seemed like the perfect idea….a Valentine’s Day film about two “lovebirds.” Here are some shots from “My Ducky Valentine:”

Darling Duck Admirerer

Here is a shot from the opening scene. The main character, Darling Duck (who coincidentally lives in a heart shaped house), has a secret admirerer who leaves romantic gifts at her doorstep. He finally leaves her a note to go to the Valentine’s Day Ball to meet her secret ducky Valentine…

Darling Duck Valentine's Ball

So off she goes to the Valentine’s Ball….a shot of the entrance to the ballroom….

Valentine's Ball

There were two sets for the film. One for Darling Duck’s home and one for the Valentine’s Day ball. With a little help from craft stores, local dollar stores, and a glue gun-the sets were built in a few days.

Chocoholic Chicks dance

And of course, a Duckshow flick would not be a Duckshow flick without a little comedic interlude. Here is a shot of the two Chocoholic Chicks shaking a tail feather. They get boogie fever and clear the dance floor with a synchronized duck dance. Woot woot!

Ducky Valentine

Here is one last shot from the film….. a shot from the entrance to the ballroom. Is that Darling Duck’s secret admirerer? Will the two lovebirds ever meet? Will the Chocoholic Chicks create a new dance craze? Stay tuned to find out tomorrow as Duckshow presents stop motion short “My Ducky Valentine” starring Opal London’s Quackers Collectables ducks.




A Sneak Peek…..

Valentines Rubber Duck

Where is James Pond going? And who are those candy and roses for? Above is a little sneak peek into what Duckshow has been working on. Prepare yourself for another stop motion film featuring the Quackers Collectables ducks! Coming soon just in time for Valentines Day!