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Just Chillin’

snow duck


Subway Duck

duck train

Quacky Quack Friday!

quack friday

Fall is here!

fall ducks

Scarecrow Hayride!

duck hayride


pirate duck

Pirate Duck: “Get off me ship or I’ll blast ye with me cannon! Yarrr!”

I <3 NY

subway duck

Found this duck over in Times Square so of course it deserved a fun NYC photo!

Farmers Market

Corn duck

Something a little “corny” for the summer ;)

Gnome Home

Gnome home

More from the ShArK files…

Finny duckj

Love this duck from CelebriDucks. “Finny” is a custom duck made for Ducks in the Window duck shop in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. You can get one of your own from their website. I love a duck with a toothy grin ;)