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Photo Contest Winners!

As you know, there was a contest on the Duckshow Facebook page for the best rubber duck photograph. The winner(s) were to receive a box of rubber ducks for the best photo submitted to the page. It was a tough contest because there were so many quack-tastic photos! But alas, a decision was made….and now I present to you the winners photos!

The first prize winner was Sheriden Beth for her duck-tacular senior picture:

senior picture

And second prize went to Duck on Tour for the “Mount Ducktale National Memorial” entry:

duck on tour

Congrats to the winners and a special thanks to everyone who participated! To see more of the entrants visit the Duckshow Facebook page.

Quacking Quest

Quacking Quest is a stop motion video by Jeffrey Hoogveld. The video was made out of a “duck-related” board game that he created himself. He also used various movie & video game soundtracks as background music.

In this movie Ducky must travel around Duck Land to find the golden egg. Will he pass go? Will he collect $200? Will he go to jail? Wait….this isn’t Monopoly. This is about finding the cherished golden egg of Duck Land! Check out Ducky’s adventures below in Quacking Quest! Enjoy!





I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike….

Duck on a bike! This one is Just Ducky in Las Vegas!

bike duck

Duck on a duck bike! This one was spotted in Amsterdam by Ulrike Willruth.

duck bike


Sundown in Ducksville

sunset cowduck

Cowduck: “Gotta get home before sundown, yup.”

Tiptoe Through the Hydrangeas

flowers duck


Jurassic Duck

Jurassic duck

“It appears the Feline-a-saurus has been here.”

Are we there yet?

pool ducks

Hope everyone out there in duckland is having a great summer!


Giant ducks or little people?

Oliver Hilterhaus

The ducks are regular size, but the little figures make them look pretty gigantic, right? Oliver Hilterhaus has a creative mind when it comes to photographing these tiny railroad figures! This picture is especially quack-tacular because of the rubber ducks (of course ) ;) To see more of his work click here.

Sensei Says….

HiYa Bellagio

Sensei Says: “lt is better to be a big duck in a little puddle than to be a little duck in a big puddle. “

Daisy Chain

Daisy duck

Hope everyone’s summer is just ducky!