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Double-quack Diamond Alpine Skiing

Ski ducks 2

Hope everyone is enjoying the 2014 Winter Olympics! Here is a little tribute….with ducks, of course.


Quacky Chinese New Year!

Year of the horse

It’s the year of the HORSE! And, in true fashion, HiYa has some words of wisdom for us on this Chinese New Year….

HiYa: “Never approach bull from the front, horse from the rear, or fool from any direction.”

HiYa:” Speak your mind….. but ride fast horse.”


“Duck” Side Shenannigans

Duck side shenannigans

Duck Vader: “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.”

Snowduck Humor

Mr Snow Duck-sicles: “You know Frosty, I don’t really understand all the hype on this global warming issue.”
Snowman ducks

More From the Giant Duck

Could you ever imagine a GIANT DUCK photo bombing a picture? Apparently it CAN happen ;)

photo bomb duck

I just hope this guy doesn’t have anatidaephobia!  (Anatidaephobia (noun) :The irrational fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching you. Made popular by Gary Larson from The Far Side Gallery in 1993.)




Shiver Me Timbers!

Avast! Coming Soon! It’s the newest member of Opal London’s Quackers Collectables! He’s the foulest of fowl! The plunderer of the pond! Just have a look at him for yourselves, Mateys!

Capt Duck Sparrow: “Yarrrr! I’ve found me treasure!”

Photo Contest Winners!

As you know, there was a contest on the Duckshow Facebook page for the best rubber duck photograph. The winner(s) were to receive a box of rubber ducks for the best photo submitted to the page. It was a tough contest because there were so many quack-tastic photos! But alas, a decision was made….and now I present to you the winners photos!

The first prize winner was Sheriden Beth for her duck-tacular senior picture:

senior picture

And second prize went to Duck on Tour for the “Mount Ducktale National Memorial” entry:

duck on tour

Congrats to the winners and a special thanks to everyone who participated! To see more of the entrants visit the Duckshow Facebook page.

Quacking Quest

Quacking Quest is a stop motion video by Jeffrey Hoogveld. The video was made out of a “duck-related” board game that he created himself. He also used various movie & video game soundtracks as background music.

In this movie Ducky must travel around Duck Land to find the golden egg. Will he pass go? Will he collect $200? Will he go to jail? Wait….this isn’t Monopoly. This is about finding the cherished golden egg of Duck Land! Check out Ducky’s adventures below in Quacking Quest! Enjoy!





I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike….

Duck on a bike! This one is Just Ducky in Las Vegas!

bike duck

Duck on a duck bike! This one was spotted in Amsterdam by Ulrike Willruth.

duck bike


Sundown in Ducksville

sunset cowduck

Cowduck: “Gotta get home before sundown, yup.”