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Aduckin Sane

One of the latest Bud Ducks and one of my favorites from the new line, “Zag” is a rockstar indeed….or a duckstar ;) You can get yourself one of these beauties from Just Ducks or Duckshop online duck stores. This duck also makes a great gift for collectors….especially with the holidays just around the corner. Rock on, duckie!

Saturday in the Park

Quacky Saturday!

A Duck Walks Into A Watering Hole

Finally! The wait is over! Here is my latest stop motion creation! It is a film noir…..or duck noir in this case….called “A Duck Walks Into A Watering Hole.”

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of making a duck film? Well, here are a couple of exclusive behind the scenes shots taken on the sets of “A Duck Walks into a Watering Hole”…..

Director Duck hard at work….

Director: “Quiet on the set! Fowl Situation scene…take one!”

Diva Duck: “I’m still waiting on my nonfat soy latte.”

Johnnie Waddler takes a smoke break between takes ;)

Johnnie: “Movie making is stressful, quack.”


What is Gretta Vanderbeak telling Private Duck? Stay tuned this Sunday to find out in “A Duck Walks into a Watering Hole.”

What happened to Chuck Duckler?

Find out this weekend in “A Duck Walks into a Watering Hole.”

More Duck Noir

Private Duck: “It could’ve been the way she wore her hair, but a dame like that was hard to forget.”

A ‘Fowl Fatale’ Walks into a Bar

More scenes from “A Duck Walks into a Watering Hole.” Meet Gretta Vanderbeak…..

“She was the stuff that ruffled feathers.”

“Of all the bars in all the world, she had to waddle into mine.”

A Duck Walks Into A Watering Hole

It’s not easy task making stop motion duck films…..from building the sets, making the mini props, making the costumes, the endless hours of photographing ducks, then re-shooting, then piecing everything together with music and a script. It’s definitely takes a good chunk of time. I don’t do it too often, but there happens to be a film festival out here called the “Three Cubed Film Fest.” Participants have 3 weeks to create a 3 minute film based on a title given to them. This time around everyone was given a phrase to complete on their own by filling in the blanks to this title: “A ___ Walks into a ___.” I was going to just go with the obvious “A Duck Walks Into a Bar,” but I tweaked it a little to make it a little more interesting. I ended up with “A Duck Walks Into a Watering Hole” and make it a ‘film noir’ style flick. The film will be finished next weekend and go live on Duckshow! Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, I’m going to post a few of my favorite shots from the film this week.

Duck-tective: “With my brains and your looks we could go places.”

Pilgrim Humor

Pilgrim Duck: “We’d like to buy your land. Do you take Discover card?”