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Memorial Day Weekend is Upon Us!

Quacky Friday!

Words of Wisdom From the Sensei

Sensei HiYa

Sensei say: “Duck who crosses the ocean twice without washing is a dirty double crosser.”

April Showers Bring May Flowers

rose duck

Spring Has Sprung!



Duck Water Apologies

Rock Center ducks

This story takes place in the underground of Duck City, the subway underground. Two Love Ducks, Chara Chamble and Hookbill Duck, they talk about where to eat.None of them can make up their minds, Chara says, “sushi.” Hookbill responds, “I already had Sushi yesterday. How about Pizza?” “Yuck,” says Chara with disgust.”Well then I don’t know, maybe when we get to Midtown we can figure it out.”"Okay,” Chara responds. Chara sighs and leans her head on Hookbill, “Long way to go she says.” Hookbill looking at her says, “As long as you are with me I don’t mind the trip.” “Awwwwwwe,” she exclaims as they both kiss. Both seeing signs pass and pass as the train takes them to their destination.

Then an unexpected stop as the train slows down and a facebeak sign that catches his eye. A question of unexpected turmoil is asked. “Why don’t you have that picture of us kissing on your facebeak,” Hookbill asks. A quiet Chara gentle responds, “I don’t know.” “What, you don’t want anyone to know about us?” Hookbill responds in confusion. “No it’s not that. You are the only quack I love,” she says. “I don’t think you do!” he responds in anger.

They both argue for ten minutes when Chara stands up and tells him,”You know what , if you don’t believe me you are the dumbest duck out there, facebeak is stupid why do you have to base our relationship my love on that? If you don’t want to eat with me or be with me, I can get off right here and have my sushi.” Both raged, he responds, “Go ahead I’ll have my pizza.” The train stops, they both look at each other and shrug their shoulders. The doors open and she walks out, and he puts his head down looking at his phone dying.

The train still heading into midtown, he looks to his right and only a water bottle lies where his love use to be. “I am the biggest idiot, I must be quackers for letting her go,” he says in shame. Twenty minutes passed and the train stops, the doors open and all you see is Hookbill running out the door. “Excuse me, excuse me,” were the words used by him as he was going through a crowd of Ducks in Duck City , he ran and flew, ran and flew. And after thirty minutes he stopped, looking around so confused kept hitting his head with his wing, saying, “you quacking quacker what were you thinking, what were you thinking…”

Then he noticed someone, with the streets surrounded by ducks but his sights where only pin pointed towards one duck. Hookbill rushed towards her and before he could speak she says,”You look tired are you okay?” He responds, “Yes I just ran and flew 40 blocks to give you this.” “My water? You ran and flew 40 blocks just to give me my water?” she says. “No, that wasn’t the only reason, I am a dumb quack. When you left, my time seemed eternally worthless, and all I could stare was at that water bottle where you were at, I had to get off at the next stop,” he said. Puzzled she responds, “Why didn’t you use your phone? Or wait for the next train?

Still out of breath Hookbill explains, I wasn’t going to wait for a train and my phone died and plus I needed to apologize as soon as possible and explain on how stupid I am and how I am lost without you, running lost through the city I was worried I would never find you again and you would leave me forever, then I look straight forward and there I saw a Beautiful Duck, the one that her bill gets glossy when it’s cold,the one with the gentle honey eyes, the only that can make my rainy day turn into sunny with her just smiling, but this time I see no smile. I am sorry, so sorry.”

Looking at him with ducky eyes, she sighs. Then they both look at the restaurant in front of them and look at the sign reading. Grand Opening of The Pepperoni Fish, the only place where you can get both Sushi and Pizza. Holding wings they go in and once again smiles and laughter is shared by both.

~A ducktale by Bruno Nunez~

Duck Sighting in NYC

NY Ducks

More ducks! More ducks! More ducks! Spotted these little guys whilst running errands in NYC!


A duck walks into a bakery…

baker duck

A duck walked into a bakery one day and asked for a pork chop.
The baker said, “We aren’t a butcher; we don’t sell meat here.”
So the duck left.
The following day the duck went back and asked again.
This time the Baker said, “No, if you come here again I will nail your feet
to the floor.”
The following day the duck returned and asked, “Have you any nails?”
The baker replied, “No.” And the duck said, “Well, I’ll have two pork chops then.”

Bath time for Skylar the bulldog

bulldog and duckie

Bath time just isn’t bath time without your rubber duckie. Am I right, Skylar White?

The case of the hollow chocolate duck…

Chocolate eating ducks

Sherlock arrives on the scene of the chocolate bunny crime in hopes of ‘quacking’ the case wide open……

Sherlock: “Have you two ducks seen any suspicious activity around here?”

Ducks: “No….er…uh…no, we haven’t….but we’ll keep an ‘eye’ out.”

To Bee or Not to Bee

Bee ducks

I think the answer is obvious ;)