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Dia de los Muertos

Day of the dead… or Day of the duck in this case ;)

Dia de los Muertos duck


Something FOWL is in the air!


Countdown to NYC Comic Con!

One week to Comic Con! Prepare yourself!



NYC Comic Con is just around the corner! Holy Quack! It’s that time again! Here’s a little something to celebrate it! Enjoy!



American Psyduck


For those of you who know this Pokémon duck character…. a little movie poster mash-up. Psy-yi-yi!

Saturday in the Park

saturday in the park

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Quack to School!

Quack to school

Is it me or did the summer “fly” by?

Du na na na Batduck!


To the pool!

summer ducks

Hope everyone is having a duck-tastic summer!

Scuba duck: “Are we there yet?”

Lego Quackiness!

In Lego news….

Here is a shot from Sean Kenney’s “Piece by Piece” solo art exhibition, built entirely with LEGO pieces. And……a GIANT RUBBER DUCK was one of the pieces built entirely with Legos for the exhibition!

Ten years ago, Sean Kenney left his corporate career behind and became The LEGO Company’s best customer. Just see for yourself:

Lego duck

Remember the big rubber duck that graced Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Duck

Well, it swam it’s way back into Hongkongers’ hearts, and now there’s a land-based version of the city’s favorite bird – in Lego.

Hong Kong Lego duck

Fans of the Rubber Duck caught another glimpse of their 16.5-metre tall yellow friend at City Gallery (in Edinburgh Place) – the city’s first planning and infrastructure gallery. Opened in 2002, the gallery displays Hong Kong’s major planning proposals and infrastructure projects.

The models’ designer Andy Hung Chi-kin modified the display to keep it up-to-date by adding in a replica of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s outsized Rubber Duck. This model has since become a highlight of the City Impression exhibition.