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Rubber Duck Ransom

duck comic

Saw this funny comic on Cartoon Stock today. Quacky Weekend!

Glow in the Duck CHEWQUACKER!


Behold! Chewquacker! The newest from the Pond Wars Collection by Locomocean. Water activates the LED lights inside the duck making it glow in the dark and change color!

Penguin Awareness Day

penguin ducks

Today is National Penguin Awareness Day. And, we here at Duckshow are fully aware and celebrating in penguin-duck style!

Skiing the Double Diamond Duck Slope

Ski ducks 2

Ski Duck: “Nothing beats the fresh powder of January! Woohoo! Quack Quack!”

New Ducks at Duckshop!

New Year and more new ducks! Just check out all these brand spanking new ducks at Duckshop! Loving the “Commedia dell’arte” duck (the white “Pierrot” clown duck in the top row). “Duck dell’arte,” anyone?

new ducks

Here somes the snow, dun nu nu nuuh!

duck on a fire escape

Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

Not that we need a special day to draw up a bath, but when in Rome….or “in home” as in this case. Happy Bubble Bath Day!

Bubble Bath Day


Muse rubber duck

“Howard the duck… Lives in my percussion box.” These are the words of Dom Howard (the drummer of the band Muse). Duckshow is a huge fan of the band…. even before the rubber duck sighting ;) Kismet? I think so.

New Year! New Ducks!

It’s 2015! And it promises to be a great one for rubber duck collectors! Let’s start with the new one from Austroducks. Rock me Amadeus! This is the newest of the Austroducks collection. Austroducks specializes in rubber ducks that are Austrian themed. This new duck is set for release this March.


This next one is made by CelebriDucks.  You gotta love the details on this “Breaking Bath” duck that come from the Breaking Bad series that was so popular. Fans of rubber ducks and the Breaking Bad series will want to get their hands on this one. It is due out this Spring!

Breaking Bath

A small batch of the new “Lanco Squeak Duck Chick” will be available in the new year as well. Mark your calendars for this new collectable duck to be released on 5/1/2015! It will be sold exclusively at Duckshop.

Lanco chick duck

And last but not least is the next couple of waves of rubber ducks coming out from Rubba Ducks. If you pre-order the entire waves of ducks  you get a the special edition ducks, Mr. and Mrs. QuackCrafts! Here are the ducks in both of those waves. They come in brand new display boxes too! They’re a lot like U and a lot like me!

2nd wave

3rd wave

Looks a lot like 2015 is going to be DuCkTaCuLaR!



Cornucopias are Just Ducky