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Sun Salutation

yoga duck

Take a selfie

selfie duck

Selfie’s have become so popular that even rubber ducks have joined the growing trend! Just check out this duck on the beach with his selfie stick! And then the selfie he took of himself ;) .


Observe the elusive Octo-duck as he surfaces from the sea… “Quack, quack.”


Careful tho, if you spot one of these little guys… the octoduck has been known to chase the natives around the beach…

nanea duck

“Oh no! I must make my way back to the mainland!”


yogi duck

The Last Supper

Last supper

…with ducks, of course.

Bzzz Bzzz

bee ducks

Spring has sprung!

Just Chillin’

snow duck


Subway Duck

duck train

Quacky Quack Friday!

quack friday

Fall is here!

fall ducks