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Rubber Duck Mobile App!

mobile app

River Dash is ‘Ducks For Change’ brand new mobile app adventure! The ‘Ducks For Change’ rubber ducks are sold in sets of three and are a program of the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People. The program aims to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people. Last week, they celebrated the launch of their smartphone and tablet app called ‘Ducks For Change: River Dash’. The rules are super easy; you have to help their three ducks: Tourist, Chef and Concierge to cross the river and reach the island safely (mind the unexpected obstacles!).  It’s available now for free from the app store and google play! Oh, and one more thing… the game is addictive!

Gotham City High Jinks

Brooklyn Bridge

Something “fowl” was brewing and Superduck had to get to the bottom of it.

A “Peace” of wisdom from Just Ducky

Peace duck in Vegas

Saw this photo on Just Ducky’s facebook page today with these words of wisdom, “When life seems tough, remember to always seek the Peace. Take a moment, just float, be free.” Duckshow couldn’t agree more! Hope everyone is having a quack-tastic summer!

Summer is finally here!

summer duck


Stanley Duck

Stanley Duck

A little something to celebrate the Stanley Cup playoffs of 2015…. with ducks, of course.

More from Amadeus Land!

Amadeus duck

Like a “duck” in a candy store…

Chocoholic Chick takes a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan. I wonder what will happen? Let’s find out!

Dylan's giant chocolate bunny

Chocoholic Chick: “Can you find me? I’m the wee little duck on the bottom left by the lollipop. My, what a big lollipop you have there, Mr. Gigantic Chocolate Bunny!”


“Is this Candy Land? Wait, does a gummi bear poop in the woods? Of course I’m in Candy Land!”

Nerds duck

“I’m feeling nerdy today.”

sucker duck

“I’m a sucker for a sucker! All these candy puns are making me snicker. Speaking of Snicker’s…..I’m gonna be here a while so I better find one!”

Rock Me Amadeus!

Rock Me Amadeus

He was the first duck ever to set foot on this earth.
He was a genius from the day of his birth.
He could play the piano like a ring and a bell
And everybody screamed
Come on, rock me Amadeus.

BeholdQ Duckshow’s latest creation starring the Rock Me Amadeus ducks from Austroducks!


Mr. and Mrs. Quack Craft wash ashore!

Quack Craft

Mrs. Quack Craft: “What a long trip! I’m famished!”

Mr. Quack Craft: “To the Nathan’s Hot Dog stand!”

Summer is Upon Us

Coney Island Duck

“Coney Island, here I come!”