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Zap! Pow!


Du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu Batduck!

NYC Comic Con is Upon Us….

Comic Con duck

It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. ~ Batduck ;)

The Pope has arrived in NYC!

pope duck

It was a long migration for the pope, but he finally made it to New York.

“I’m gonna need a papal throne that reclines.”

Fall is finally here!

Fall ducks

9-11 Tribute

9-11 duck

Never forget.

Quack to school…

back to school

Back to school tip of the day….. Don’t get caught quacking in class or you could end up like Scooter.

Labor Day Weekend is Upon Us

Labor Day ducks

Happy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy one last holiday weekend before school officially begins and pumpkins and candy corn hit the shelves!

You Scream I Scream…

We all scream for ice cream! Summer just kinda “flew” by, didn’t it?

ice cream duck

Duck Days of Summer

Duck days of summer

Hope everyone is staying cool during these “duck” days of summer!

Rubber Duck Mobile App!

mobile app

River Dash is ‘Ducks For Change’ brand new mobile app adventure! The ‘Ducks For Change’ rubber ducks are sold in sets of three and are a program of the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People. The program aims to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people. Last week, they celebrated the launch of their smartphone and tablet app called ‘Ducks For Change: River Dash’. The rules are super easy; you have to help their three ducks: Tourist, Chef and Concierge to cross the river and reach the island safely (mind the unexpected obstacles!).  It’s available now for free from the app store and google play! Oh, and one more thing… the game is addictive!