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recent quacks

Dos more days until Cinco De Mayo!

Cheese: “Holy guacamole! It’s time for a fourth meal!”

The Flock is on Collectors Quest!

This week is rubber duck week on Collector’s Quest! You can see most of my collection (and that’s a lot of ducks) here.

Monday wisdom from the Sensei

“He who laughs last doesn’t get the joke.”


Rubber Duck Parody on Octomom

Filet O Fish

Fish: “Give me back that filet o fishGive me that fishGive me back that filet o fishGive me that fishWhat if it were youHanging up on this wall?If it were you in that sandwichYou wouldn’t be laughing at all!”

Hold My Duck: Kilt to the Hilt

A guy who looks like he should be on a Scotch ad as the Scottish version of “the most interesting man in the world” holds a Scottish rubber duck during Tartan Day festivities.

“Bok, bok, bok, bok, bok, bok, quaaaaack!”

Here comes Duckie Cottontail…Quackin’ down the bunny trail….Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way!

Quacky Passover

The little Jewish duckies were struck with surprise and wonder when they happened to find a Kosher McDonalds in their neighborhood. “Wow! Supersized and Kosher!”

Baseball season is upon us

Batter up, duck!

April Fool’s Day Adventures

With temperatures almost reaching 60 degrees today, Cheese Duck decided to go for a nice waddle in the city. Unfortunately a group of prankster devils decided to follow Cheese and play some April Fool’s Day jokes on the clueless duck. Cheese Duck: “Why do I feel like I am being followed…?” Little did the Devils…

Hold My Duck
Duck Show TV