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Naked Cowboy Times Square Ducks

Naked Cowboy holds rubber duck in Times Square

World-famous Naked Cowboy who strums his guitar in his underwear in Times Square holds Cowduck on his instrument.

Hiya’s Teachings

Some of the blue ducks from the Great British Duck Race came to join the Digiducks. They took a liking to HiYa’s stories. “…and remember, little grasshopppers, it’s better to be a big duck in a little puddle than to be a little duck in a big puddle.”

Hold My Duck: Foil Guy

Silver guy holds a rubber duck suddenly giving the rubber water fowl a craving for Jiffy Pop.

Quack To School

The Great British Duck Race Sets a New Wolrd’s Record

See more fantastic pictures of the race taken by Mairead Bushe here. Yesterday 250,000 blue rubber ducks were released into the Thames River to race for UK charities including WaterAid, The Down’s Syndrome Association and NSPCC. A new World Record was set for the most rubber ducks raced together beating last year’s record of 165,000-also…

The End of Summer is Here

The ducks go for one last swim in the pond. “Are we there yet?”

Duckie Olympics

Have you ever wondered what a Duckie Olympics would be like? No. Well, that is why Duckshow exists….we go there….with rubber ducks!Two duckies paddle it out for the gold in table tennis.A gold is awarded to Duckathon in track and field.HiYa gets a gold for Judo. “No one can beat the master!”And finally-two ducks are…

Vegas Baby meets one of her siblings, N’ton.

(N’ton on the left and Vegas Baby on the right.) A couple of years ago hundreds of these small ducks with red neckties were mailed to people on every corner of the globe. Recipients of the ducks were to photograph their duck in their location in a unique and interesting way. Then the photos were…

Street Duck is at it again….this time in Seattle

Street Duck tag

“Fits in very nicely. Good thing I am quick like a ninja. Quack!” Street Duck makes sure the coast is clear after leaving his mark. Street Duck: “This looks like a nice place for a stick up.”  

Top Ten Reasons To Collect Rubber Ducks

10. They are cheaper than other collectables…like jewelry, art, cars, china, and shoes.9. They don’t break.8. They make bathtime so much fun.7. They are not creepy like dolls.6. They are low maintenance. They only need a little dusting off now and then. 5. They aren’t as obnoxious as snow globes.4. They promote happiness. No one…

Hold My Duck
Duck Show TV