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The Keebler Turtle


“My cookies are uncommonly good.”

Monopoly Introduces Three New Game Pieces

monopoly duck

Say goodbye to the boot, thimble, and wheelbarrow game pieces! A T-Rex, rubber ducky and penguin will join the five classic tokens Scottie the dog, hat, car, cat and battleship. This change came by way of an online vote held by Hasbro in January at Monopoly fans were asked to select their favorite eight…

Spring is Here!


Today is the first day of spring! Buzz buzz, quack!

Quacky St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's duck

Somewhere Under the Rainbow…

Kiss Me I'm Irish

The “Duck” of the Irish

Irish duck

Kiss Me I’m Irish

St Patrick's ducks

St Patty’s Day is upon us!

St Patrick's duck gold

Ready for take off!

duck bubbles

March is here and spring is upon us! Onward and upward!

Quacky Mardi Gras!

Mardi gras
Hold My Duck
Duck Show TV