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Up To Their Beaks In Snow

“Shall we build a snowman?”

American Beauty

Iconic American Beauty rubber duck parody

This iconic parody photo inspired by the movie American Beauty has appeared in mags and sites all over. Full disclosure: Only two dozen roses were harmed in the making of this rubber duck photo.

Let It Snow

“A friendly game of street hockey, anyone?”


The Annual Westminster Dog Show is this week at Madison Square Garden. Is there an occasion that I don’t have a duck for? I doubt it.

Rubber Duckie 911

“Yeah, I’ve been working this beat for about a year now…. “Do I write many tickets? We don’t have quotas anymore. We used to have quotas, but now we’re allowed to write as many tickets as we want. I think I’ll grab a quick snack here.” “Sometimes people want a warning. I say, OK I’m…

Happy Chinese New Year

“It’s the year of the rat! I hear a squeaking…and it’s not a rubber duck!”

Happy Mardi Gras

“I did it for the beads.”

Zorro Duck…The Red Caped Criminal

“Well, hello there Zorro Duck. How are you doing, sonny?” “Give me all your money!” “Hello there, Zorro Duck. Loving the new red cape and hat.” “Gimme your purse!” “Help me, somebody help me! I was just robbed by Zorro Duck!” Zorro Duck was causing havoc all over Gotham City. Was something wrong with Zorro…

Who is this masked duck?

Did Zorro Duck change his disguise? Stay tuned to find out on the next Zorro Duck in the City…….coming soon!

Zorro Duck in the City

Duck Diego de la Vega AKA Zorro Duck goes to the city to fight crime. After a long day of work at the diner, Tips leaves in hopes of spending the night out on the town. “I’m gonna shake my tail feather tonight at Club Quacker Jacks!” Tips decides to walk home instead of taking…

Hold My Duck
Duck Show TV