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Stars and Stripes Forever

Quacky 4th of July!

I <3 NY

Quacky Father’s Day!

father's day

Quacky Mother’s Day!

Mom's Day

“Are we there yet?”

Hanging With My Peeps

Peeps duck

Easter is just a hop and a peep away!

Cadbury Duck

Cadbury duck

“Bok Bok Bok Bok, Quaaaaaack!”

I Am The Egg Duck

egg duck

Goo goo ga joob!

Quacky St. Patty’s Day!

Irish ducks

Quacky Patty’s Eve!

Patty Day duck

The Duck of the Irish!

St Patrick ducks

Hope everyone has the “duck”of the Irish on ST. Patty’s Day!

Kiss Me I’m Irish!

Kiss Me I'm Irish